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Subcutaneous Testosterone Injection Sites
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One Hour Of Exercise Per Day Saves You From the Deadly Effects of Sitting (See A.)
Low Dose Cortisol Replacement Therapy
Why Plant Focused Diets Will Win Eventually (OPINION PIECE)
(CASE STUDY) Depression, Fatigue and Anxiety Cure: Low Stomach Acid/Enzymes
A Natural Cure For Grey That Really Worked (For Me At Least)
Nutritional Hair Testing: A Valuable and Inexpensive Tool
Moderate Exercise Can Lower Inflammation As Much as a Drug
Arterial Plaque Reduction From Weight Loss (Dieting)
HRT In Men Can Lower Cholesterol Almost As Much As Statins!
STUDY: Natural Protocol to Rapidly Lose Weight Yet Maintain Muscle (Best for Men on TRT)
Androgel Users: You May Save Money With This Patient Assistance Program
Extra Salt Caused My Prehypertension
Testosterone Replacement Therapy: An Interview with Prime Body President Nick Glimcher
Does Testosterone Negatively Impact Empathy? Nope.
Best High Nitrate Supplement and the Lesson Learned
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Target Lp(a) Levels to Reverse Penile and Arterial Plaque
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What Tests Should You Get If You Are Low Testosterone?
High School and Amateur Athletes Now Diagnosed with CTE (Head Blow Brain Damage)
My Weird and Painful Experience with Methylfolate and Methylcobalamin
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Questions for Your First Visit with a Potential TRT Doctor
Men on TRT Injections with Low Libido: How to Raise DHT
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Can HCG Increase Pregnenolone?
Best Predictor of Penile and Heart Arterial Plaque? LDL-P Hands Down
Phosphatidylcholine Drops Lipids Dramatically, But Are There Dangers?
ALERT: FDA Trying to Force Compounded Testosterone Cheap Cypionate Price Higher
Target Homocysteine Levels to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease
Heard of Anti-Hypertensive or Compounded Viagra? Both Are Legal and Much Cheaper
Shaun Noorian Discusses Compounded Testosterone, Cialis and Much More
How to Improve Your Memory (According to the Research)
DHEA and Pregnenolone Got Rid of My Lifelong Anxiety
Can Probiotics and Gut Health Eliminate The Age-Related Loss in Testosterone (Andropause)?
More Frequent Injections Lead to Greater Total Testosterone Levels
Study From Dr. Saya: HCG Injection Protocols
4 Month TRT Report: Morning Erections Consistent But Hi Homocysteine and DHT
Liquid Cialis and Arimidex Recommendations?
Which Testosterone Delivery System Is Least Likely to Cause Hair Loss?
Cialis and Viagra in Young Guys Hurts More Than Helps
POLL: Do You Use Compounded Testosterone or HCG?
Donating Blood Helped My Physical Endurance
Dr. Saya's Comments on My Estradiol of 40 Pg/Ml
HCG: The Relationship of Shot Frequency to Estradiol
The Debate: Intrmuscular Versus SubQ Cypionate
Antares SubQ Quickshot FDA Approval Update
Hormones and Hemoglobin Off Due to Overtraining and Undereating?
Erections went away after taking 100 mg of DIM
Does Anyone Fully Understand Why We Get Arterial Plaque?
POLL: Cypionate Men - What Combo of Testosterone, HCG and Arimidex?
This Is Why You Can't Be A Natural Bodybuilder
22 Year Old Male With Low Testosterone And On Dexilant
Blood Test Results: Dr. Saya Discusses Thyroid, DHT, Estradiol, Etc.
Blood results in - Testosterone is HIGH??
Damning Evidence That Needle-Like Cholesterol Crystals Rupture Arterial Plaque
Can I Take My Testosterone to 1,500+ Ng/dl to Maximize Body Composition?
Does Drinking a Lot of Coffee Have an Effect on Testosterone?
Blood Test Results: Dr. Saya Discusses Thyroid, DHT, Estradiol, Etc.
Severe Fatigue... Sex Hormones?
Everything You Wanted to Know About Clomid (Dr. Saya)
Testosterone For Muscle Atrophy and other Weirdness Results
Did Clomid Improve Your Sleep?
First day with LDN (2016-06-27)
CURE: Decreasing Coffee Got Rid of My IBS
Started TRT and Feel Better Immediately
Scream Cream for Ladies?
Lithium Orotate - A Miracle for Depression In My Opinion
3 Month TRT Progress Report
Risks with Long Term Niacin Usage?
Anyone Ever Get Headaches Before/During Sex?
My Prolactin Number is 14.5. Is That Bad?
Anyone's ED Get Worse After Starting TRT?
Alcohol - Sorry, But It Boosts My Libido
I Have High Cholesterol But My High HDL Will Protect Me?
I Have Mast Cell Disorder
Life on TRT? Really?
Can You Stop TRT Successfully and Go Natural If You Are Over 40?
Injecting Twice Per Week Raises Hematocrit?!
Does Lifting Weights Use Up Your Testosterone?
What Gauge Needle for Testosterone Cypionate Intramuscular Injections (IM)?
Heavy Exercisers: Do You Need More Testosterone?
Fatigue, low libido, anxiety, depression or E.D.? It's Time for a Tune-Up! (Always work with a physician or naturopath!)
STEP 1: Check Your Testosterone and Estradiol
STEP 2: Get Your Nitric Oxide Back
STEP 3: Check for Hypothyroidism
STEP 4: Test for Adrenal Fatigue
STEP 5: Get Inflammation in Check
STEP 6: Lose Weight
STEP 7: Sleep to Restore T, Hormones and More
STEP 8: Evaluate and Attack Depression
STEP 9: Varicocele Evaluation and Repair
STEP 10: Prolactin Measurement and Monitoring
STEP 11: Genetic Medical SNP Testing
STEP 12: Hair Testing (Mercury, Heavy Metal and Nutritional)
STEP 13: Testosterone and Concussions
STEP 14: Parasite and Bacterial Testing
STEP 15: Check Into Overtraining
STEP 16: Measure Your Ferritin Levels
STEP 17: Do You Have Stomach or Gut Issues?
SELF-TESTING: Don't Wait. These Labs Are Inexpensive
SELF-TESTING #2: Best Price Points
How to Increase Testosterone Naturally
How to Cure Low SHBG
How to Clear Your Penile Arteries of Plaque
How to Reverse Atherosclerosis and Diabetes at the Same Time
What Are Normal Male Testosterone Levels
How to Raise the IQ Of Your Children
How to Lower Inflammation
How to Increase HDL Levels
How to Improve Male Fertility
How to Get Below 10% Body Fat with Muscle
How To Lower Your PSA
How to Increase Fertility Naturally
How Can You Lower Prolactin Naturally
How to Control Estrogen Levels Naturally
How to Improve Erectile Dysfunction
HOW I CLEARED MY ARTERIES: Heart Scan Results (2013)
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