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Best Health Books

Below I am compiling a list of the Best Health Books ever written. There are many excellent books on health, but these are all life-saving game changers that are downright miraculous in their results. And everyone is both practical and livable, something you can actually implement in your life with clear and concise directions. Forget a life of surgery and medications. The answers are at your finger tips, a turn of the page away...

1) The Nitric Oxide Solution. This book could be called the Nitric Oxide Bible: it is a great summary of much of the recent research on nitric oxide from one of the worlds leading researchers and experts on the matter, Nathan Bryan. Nathan Bryan is the creator of the new Neogenis NO Test Strips and the new nitric oxide supersupplement Neo40. All is a days work for this researcher, who also has written a great book called The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution, which is packed with goodies including why L-Arginine does not work that well for most men and many tips for raising your nitric oxide levels naturally. See my Review of The Nitric Oxide Solution for more information.

2) Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. Most people over the age of 35 on this site are from modern, industrialized societies and already have advanced heart disease, hypertension, arterial plaque and other cardiovascular issues. Often this is affecting their erections, their energy and even their careers and their relationship. In this book Caldwell Esselstyn, a physician at the prestigious Cleveland Heart Clinic, gives you a non-drug dietary solution to actually reverse heart disease. Want to get your life back: read my Review of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease for more information or check out Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease directly on Amazon.

3) Reversing Diabetes. Diabetes is an epidemic in modern societies and an ugly one at that. Elevated glucose levels accelerate aging and destroy tissues. Erectile dysfunction is extemely common with prediabetes and diabetes as well. This book gives an all-natural, entirely practical approach to doing what many would have considered impossible 30 years ago:  1) reversing diabetes, 2) reversing arteriosclerosis and 3) losing weight all at the same time.  Think about how remarkable it would be to clear out your arteries while you were improving your blood sugar and insulin control dramatically.  Dr. Neal Beranrd steps you through just how to do just this by creating a diet strategy that couples both low glycemci eating with Low Fat eating.  It turns out the two are incredibly powerful when placed together and, for a basic discussion, read my link on Low Fat Diets and Diabetes.  Of course, you should also read the book itself:  Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes.

4) Wheat Belly. This will surprise my regular readers: I rarely eat wheat. Aren't a grain-loving, plant-based sort of guy or not? Well, I am very cautious about modern wheat as it has been heavily genetically modified and just isn't the same wheat we had at the turn of the century.  And my knowledge about wheat and the issues associated with its consumption is largely due to the writings of William Davis in this great book called Wheat Belly: Lose the Weight. I do a review of the book point out some of the highlights of the book that caused me to question the health value in modern wheat: My Review of Wheat Belly and discuss how dropping wheat can help you to lose weight, get diabetes under control and other topics that Davis discusses..

5) Healthy at 100. In my opinion this is the most important health book ever written: Healthy at 100: The Scientifically Proven Secrets of the World's Healthiest and Longest-Lived Peoples describes the four most impressive cultures on the planet with spectacular longevity. These supercultures live almost entirely free of all cancer, heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune disorders. In these regions, it is much more common to live past 90 and even 100. Alzheimers and dementia are almost unknown as well. John Robbins describes the lifestyles of these incredible four people groups and gives you many of the keys to their success. Read my Review of Healthy at 100 for more details. But the key thing to remember is that a natural lifestyle really works and these supercultures prove it by doing what Western technology and medicine has never even come close to achieving.


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