The Cost of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

STEP 11:  Investigate Testosterone Therapy Options that You Can Afford:

Okay, so you have weighed The Benefits of Testosterone Therapy versus the The Risks of Testosterone Therapy, discussed with your doctor and decided to proceed. If so, you may be fortunate enough to be in the situation that I am in, where your TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy or HRT) is largely covered by insurance. However, not all of us are so fortunate. And some of us could be covered by insurance, but the physicians and/or protocols are so lousy that we choose to go to a doctor more proficient and knowledgeable. For these and many other reasons, some men would like to know the cash cost and least expensive ways of going on TRT.

Below I am going to cover what I consider to be some of the more reasonable and reliable testosterone replacement options out there to do this.  Of course, if you want to spend more and go to a good anti-aging doctor, the sky is the limit on what you can spend. Again, here are Six Lower Cost Options for HRT Available to Men that I know about from running the Peak Testosterone Forum:

NOTE:  I did not discuss HCG Monotherapy or Clomid below, but these are also relatively inexpensive options for men to consider.  See my STEP 6:  Alternative Strategies to Raise Testosterone.

1. Local Doctor with Compounded Testosterone.  Every PCP and urologist will have worked with a compounding pharmacy in the past for a variety of reasons that involve some individualized patient therapies.  Although not very well-known by the public, this is actually surprisingly common and the practice allows doctors to somewhat customize certain treatments for their patients.  For example, the urologist that did my TRT a few years ago used this strategy when Androgel just did not raise my testosterone levels.  Basically, compounders can add bioidentical testosterone to a cream or gel - can you say Barry Bonds? - that increases absorption through the skin.  Concentrations vary from about 1 to 10% and are usually very effective at raising testosterone, assuming your physician knows what he/she is doing. 

My compounded testosterone was run through insurance, but I do know it was less than $100 per month even without insurance.  And this was verified by one of our senior Peak Testosterone Forum members, who said that he spent $75 per month. [1]

NOTE:  I have no current affiliation with any of these providers.

2. Local Doctor with Testosterone Cypionate Injections.  This is my most recent strategy.  Basically, I used an HRT clinic to get on testosterone cypionate and then found a PCP that was willing to continue with the same protocol.  It worked quite well, except my doctor will not do HCG (for restoring testicular volume).  So, in my case, I have a nice cypionate protocol (subQ or subcutaneous self-injections) run through insurance.  I pay a $40 copay for a supply that lasts two or three months.

If you do not have insurance, testosterone cypionate injections are not expensive and generally run for about $100 per month (or often less) including syringes and needles if you are self-injecting.  This is the most popular option on our forum as you can see in this  Peak Testosterone Forum Treatment Poll and accounts for about 50% of all men on some kind of testosterone replacement therapy, including HCG and Clomid.

3. Defy Medical with Drs. Saya.  One of the other apostles of testosterone therapy has been Dr. Saya and are huge fans of the clinic they are associated with (Defy Medical).  One of the big advantages that I see in men going to Defy is a certain amount of low cost customization for specialized situations.  Dr. Saya also has a good reputation for being personable, experienced and smart - a pretty rare combination out there! 

What are the costs?  We have a summary page here: Cost of Basic TRT/HRT With Defy Medical.

My understanding is that they can also give you proper paperwork, so you can file claims with your insurance in some cases.

NOTE: Dr. Saya and Defy Medical is now a site sponsor. Just see one of their ads on almost every page of the site!

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COST OF INJECTION SUPPLIES and CYPIONATE:  I don't shop around and get my syringe/needle combinations for around 20 cents each.  However, one poster wrote that "you can buy a box of 100 syringes + 100 larger draw needles for about $30 total." [8] And the cash price of cypionate is about $100 for a 10 ml vial, which is 2000 mg or about 20 weeks of therapy for the typical guy.

NOTE:  The prices in this article pertain to the U.S. only.  Unfortunately, many countries in the world are tightly controlled by endocrinologists, who almost universally do not like HRT and severely limit options except in the most extreme of cases.  In these countries, where there is an almost monopolistic control over men's hormones, options are very limited, testing is scarce and prices are much higher than listed on this page.  The U.S. was like this around 10-15 years ago, but, fortunately, the urologists came to our rescue and opened the doors for more well-rounded men's health options for us.  (I had a miserable time getting testosterone.  See my My Health Story if you are interested.)