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The Power of Food

The two most important aspects to your health, fitness and quality of life are exercise and diet. Here I cover the most important aspects of what you should eat and drink. Science has discovered that food is incredibly powerful, much moreso than any drug or supplement. This can be very confusing. Low fat? Low carb? Atkins? Read below for how you can change your life dramatically in just a few weeks by changing how you eat and drink:

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  • Flaxseed: Lowering Blood Pressure, LDL, Triglycerides; Reversing Arterial Plaque, Prostate Cancer and Inflammation
  • Flaxseed: Control and Possibly Clearing (Penile) Arterial Plaque
  • Tarahumara Diet: Perfect Arterial Health
  • Carbs Per Day
  • Low Fat Diet: The Mind-Boggling Bedroom Benefits
  • Low Carb Diet (Potential) Dangers
  • Milk and Dairy: The Many Links to Cancer and Inflammation
  • Alcohol: Friend or Foe?
  • Anti-Juice
  • Antioxidants: Can You Take Too Many for Your Heart and Erections?
  • Arachadonic Acid: Pro-inflammation and a Dangerous Part of Most Modern Diets
  • Artificial Sweeteners: What Few People Know
  • Beef and Eggs
  • Better than Beer? Check Out These Manly Drinks!
  • Biochem: How About a Whey That Won't Fry Your Neurons?
  • Black Tea: Good for Erections, Bad for the Brain
  • Brain Diet
  • Broccoli
  • Cholesterol and Longevity
  • Coffee: Ten Great Reasons to Drink The Stuff
  • A Concentrace Review: How to Compensate for Crappy Soil
  • The Potential Dangers of Coffee and Caffeine
  • Coffee and Testosterone
  • Is There A Dosage for Chocolate?
  • Creatine: How It Can Help, Especially for the Plant-Based and Vegetarians
  • Dairy and Calcium: Overconsumption Dangers
  • Best Diet
  • Fast Food and Excitotoxins
  • Fat Chance
  • Fish Safely and Avoid Methylmercury
  • Fruits and Vegetables: The Miraculous Benefits
  • The GMO Studies Show Cancer and Liver/Kidney/GI Tract Issues
  • Great Diet Smackdown (Part II)
  • Grains: Grossly Underrated and Good for Your Penis
  • Grains: Why They Are Perfectly Paleo!
  • How to Increase Growth Hormone Naturally
  • How to Get Down Below 10% Body Fat and Keep Your Muscle Mass
  • IGF-1, Cancer and Animal Protein
  • Juice and Inflammation
  • Anti-Juice
  • Low Fat Paleo: The Ultimate Diet
  • Low Fat Diet: The Mind-Boggling Bedroom Benefits
  • Low Fat Diet: Solid Results In My 2013 Physical
  • Low Fat Meats
  • Low Fat Diets: Do They Affect Testosterone?
  • Low Fat Diet: Reverse Diabetes and Arteriosclerosis While Losing Weight
  • Low Fat Diet Questions: An Interview with Dr. Barnard's Dietician, Joseph Gonzales
  • Low Fat Diet: What is It?
  • Low Fat Diet: Dangers?
  • Low Fat Diet: Erections
  • Low Fat Diet: Does It Increase Triglycerides? Not if Done Right!
  • Meal Components (Fat, Glycemic Index and Calories) and Testosterone
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Milk: Dairy is Scary!
  • MSG Risks to Testosterone (and Thyroid)
  • Increase Nitric Oxide Boosting Foods (and Some Supplements)
  • Orgasmatarianism
  • Packaged Foods, Dangers
  • Paleo Diet, Why It Can Be Bad For You
  • Paleo Diet, Why It Is a Myth
  • PetroFood on Your Plate
  • Plant-Based Nutrition: The Male Fantasy
  • Plant-Based Protein: The Sane Way to Put on Muscle
  • Protein and Immunity
  • Popcorn: The Benefits of This Erection-Promoting Food
  • Protein Dangers
  • Salt: It Is Just Plain Deadly
  • Salt and Erectile Dysfunction
  • Saturated Fat: Does It Raise Cholesterol?
  • Saturated Fat: Why Is It Bad For You?
  • Soy and Men: It Is Pretty Ugly
  • Testosterone and Diet
  • Vegetarianism and a Low Fat Diet: A Powerful Combination
  • Vegetarianism and Veganism: Increased Testosterone Levels
  • Vegetarianism, Longevity and Mortality
  • Vegetarianism and Reducing Inflammation
  • Vegan Super Strength Trainer: An Interview with Mike Mahler
  • Weston Price Diet - Why It is Dangerous For Most Men
  • Wheat Belly Review: How Modern Wheat Can Kill You
  • Wheat: Can Raise Cholesterol, Triglycerides, LDL Particle Count, LDL - Need I Go On?
  • Wild Rice and Erections
  • Coconut Water Drowns Gatorade in the Sports Drink Category
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