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Everything You Need to Know About Testosterone

Our knowledge and understanding of testosterone has increased exponentially. This knowledge is critical for any male, especially one middle aged or beyond, because in males testosterone affects everything. Read below for a good basic understanding of testosterone and how to boost it:

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  • How Low Testosterone Can Destroy Relationships
  • The Three Engines to Improve Testosterone Production
  • How Weight Loss Can Double or Triple Testosterone
  • Testosterone Supplements: Read This Before You Buy
  • Testosterone-to-Estrogen Ratio
  • Testosterone Testing: What Tests Are Important?
  • Common Causes of Low Testosterone
  • Cheapest Testosterone Tests
  • Benefits of Testosterone
  • Tests to Get Done Before HRT (TRT)
  • Drugs That Can Lower Testosterone - It Happens All the Time!
  • Testosterone Abuse: Why You Should Not Go Too High With Your HRT
  • Acne - Linked to Higher Testosterone Levels Due to DHT
  • Testosterone and Accelerated Aging
  • The Adrenal Glands and Testosterone
  • Alcohol and Testosterone
  • Aggression and Testosterone
  • Andropause, How to Avoid
  • Anemia and Testosterone. Is This Why You Are Tired?
  • Andropause, The Root Causes
  • Testosterone and Appetite
  • Antipsychotics and Testosterone
  • Anxiety and Testosterone
  • Testosterone and Aromatase Inhibitors (Arimidex, Femara, Aromasin, etc.)
  • Testosterone and Asthma: The Common Links
  • Beer and Testosterone
  • Binge Drinking and Testosterone
  • Blood Pressure and Testosterone
  • Your Bones and Testosterone
  • Boron and Testosterone
  • BPH (Enlarged Prostate) and Testosterone
  • The Brain and Testosterone
  • Cholesterol: Testosterone Therapy Lowers Both Cholesterol and LDL According to Some Major Studies
  • Coffee and Testosterone
  • Concussions Can Lower Testosterone, Sometimes Permanently (Interview with X Games Athlete)
  • Cortisol: Can it be Lowered by Testosterone Therapy (HRT)?
  • Cyclo Bolan: Testosterone Destroyer
  • Death Rates and Testosterone
  • Testosterone and DHEA
  • DHT and Testosterone: Hair Loss or T Loss?
  • DHT: Creatine Raises It
  • DHT: What Are Ideal Target Levels?
  • DHT: How to Lower It
  • DHT: How to Increase It (Naturally and Otherwise)
  • Diabetes and Testosterone
  • Dopamine and Testosterone
  • Depression and Testosterone
  • Ecstasy and Testosterone
  • Fatigue: Testosterone to the Rescue
  • Fertility: HRT, Clomid and HCG
  • Food and Testosterone
  • Testosterone, Heart Disease and Arteries
  • Heart Disease: Can It Be Caused by Low Testosterone?
  • HRT (Testosterone Therapy): Can You Stop It Once You've Started?
  • Testosterone, Insulin and Insulin Resistance
  • Low Testosterone Symptoms
  • Erectile Dysfunction and Testosterone
  • Testosterone and HRT Effects on Hypertrophy (Muscle Gains)
  • Heat and Testosterone
  • Testosterone and HDL: Does HRT Raise or Lower It?
  • Herbs That Can Boost Testosterone
  • Ideal Testosterone: What Is It?
  • Iodine: Can Megadosing Boost Testosterone in a Safe Manner?
  • Kidneys and Your Testosterone
  • Low Fat Diets and Your Testosterone
  • Magnesium and Testosterone
  • Need a Testosterone Lab?
  • How to Figure Out a Plan to Raise Testosterone
  • Testosterone (Low): Nightmare Inflammation Increaser
  • Testosterone and Mike Mahler's New Testosterone Booster
  • Testosterone Therapy: The Pros and Cons
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Relax Your Way to Solid Testosterone?
  • Testosterone and Metformin
  • Miraforte: Testosterone Booster for Middle-aged Males?
  • Prohormone: Testosterone and 1-Androstenolone
  • Restart Your Testosterone?
  • Secondary Hypogonadism
  • Sleep and Testosterone
  • Soy and Men
  • The Testosterone Lifestyle
  • Testosterone and Libido
  • Testosterone and Your Meals (Fat, Glycemic Index and Calories)
  • Testosterone and Metabolic Syndrome
  • Testosterone and Morning Erections
  • Testosterone and Nitric Oxide
  • Weight Lifting and Testosterone
  • What Are Normal Testosterone Levels??
  • Muscle: Testosterone Will Build the House
  • My Personal Health Story
  • Naltrexone (Low Dose): T-Booster in Some Hypothyroid Men?
  • The Ultimate Natural Testosterone Booster
  • Testosterone and Parasites
  • Quercetin and Testosterone
  • Apnea: A Proven Testosterone Killer
  • Body Fat and Testosterone
  • Dialy Testosterone Levels
  • Decreasers of Testosterone
  • Deficiency: How Do You Know if You Are Deficient in Testosterone?
  • DHT (Dihyrdotestosterone) and Creatine
  • DHT (Dihyrdotestosterone) and Zinc
  • The High Testosterone Diet
  • Avoiding Ejaculation - Can It Boost Testosterone?
  • Excitotoxins, MSG and Your Testosterone
  • Free Testosterone
  • Free Testosterone Levels
  • Glutathione: Natural Protection Against Testosterone-Killing Mercury
  • Help for Low Testosterone: Readers Write
  • Hypogonadism, Testosterone and Your Sex Life
  • The Hypothalamus and Your Hormones
  • Mercury and Testosterone
  • Mood and Testosterone
  • MSG Risks to Testosterone (and Thyroid)
  • Prostate and Testosterone
  • Testosterone Lowerers
  • Overtraining: Destroying Your Testosterone with Enthusiasm
  • Pesticides and Testosterone
  • Phthalates and Testosterone
  • DHT-Killing Propecia: Cures
  • DHT-Killing Propecia: Risks
  • Prolactin: Testosterone and Libido Killer
  • Protecting Your Family While On Testosterone Therapy
  • Prozac (Fluoxetine): Frequent Testosterone Lowerer
  • Quinoa and Testosterone
  • The Skin and Testosterone
  • Sex and Testosterone
  • SHBG: Causes and Natural Solutions for Low SHBG
  • SHBG: Causes and Natural Solutions for High SHBG
  • Sugar: Testosterone Killer Extraordinaire
  • Steroids and Testosterone
  • Stories of Low Testosterone from Posters and Emails
  • Stress and Testosterone
  • Testosterone Cypionate Shelf Life: What You Should Know
  • Testosterone Right Now: Boosting Your Hormones Immediately
  • Testosterone and Nuts (as in Walnuts and Almonds!)
  • Testosterone Replacement
  • Testosterone Stimulation and Potential Increases
  • Testosterone and the Thyroid (Hypothyroidism)
  • Chemicals and Testosterone
  • Testosterone: Can Walking Boost It Long Term?
  • Thyroid: Natural Ways to Boost Your T3
  • Varicocele Repair: Increasing Testosterone Levels
  • Visceral (Belly) Fat and Testosterone - The Powerful Link
  • Vitamin D and Testosterone
  • Vitamin E and Testosterone
  • Whey and Testosterone
  • What Does Testosterone Do? Everything!
  • Work and Testosterone
  • Zinc and Testosterone
  • Zinc Deficiencies and Low Testosterone