Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne is a Physical Fitness Genius.  He was literally decades ahead of his time.  Almost every principle he preached back in the 50's and 60's has been proven by science in recent years.  He had an uncanny sense of knowing what is good and what is nonsense.  Furthermore, almost every important weight machine in modern gyms, and actually used by bodybuilders, was his invention decades ago (including pulley, Smith and leg extension machines to name a few).  And it is important to note that he had an incredible physique decades before steroids.

All you guys over forty, consider these facts:

--He is, as of this writing, 94 and in high demand travelling the world giving lectures and motivational speeches.  His mind is sharp and his health still excellent.

--His pulse rate was 52 at age 86.

--In his 80's he had larger biceps and a better physique than almost any guy you'll see in the gym!

--At age 70 he swam and towed 70 boats, while handcuffed and shackled, one-and-a-half miles against strong winds and currents in Long Beach Harbor to the Queen Mary.

--At age 60, he swam from Alcatraz to Fisherman s Wharf, handcuffed while towing a half ton boat.

So why do I devote a link to Jack LaLanne on this site?  Because he is additional proof of all that is on this site.  Simply put, Jack LaLanne verifies the research.  As of this writing, he is 94 I believe and travelling the world giving lectures and promoting good health. 

Here are some examples of principles that Jack has followed all of his adult life and correspond nicely with the research findings of the last decade or two:

1.  Jack LaLanne has eaten a largely vegetarian, i.e. Quasi-Ornish Diet, something I mention throughout this site, all of his adult life. He once stated, "I only eat fish - no chicken, no turkey, just fish. I get all my protein from fish and egg whites".  Again, he was years ahead of his time and somehow intuitively seemed to know that egg whites alone would be the only part of an arteriosclerosis-reversing diet called The Ornish Diet.  And, of course, Fish is part of many of the most heart healty diets on planet earth, including the Tokelua, Pukapuka, Eskimo, and Kuna peoples.  And, although fish is not directly alllowed in the Ornish Diet, Fish Oil decidedly is. 

2.  Jack LaLanne eats lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and so on.  He was recorded as saying, "I eat 10 raw vegetables, 5 pieces of fruit, egg whites and fish for protein, and whole grains." He eats no beef, pork or chicken:  his animal protein comes from egg whites and occasionally fish. (He is also well known for juicing and his juicer.)  Jack is an excellent role model for many of the major points in my Erection Repair Guide, including diet, low saturated fat levels, low body fat, exercise and so on. 

3.  Jack LaLanne has always sworn off all sugar.  To me this always seemed a little extreme as I always figured, like a lot of other sweet-a-holics, that "a carbohydrate was a carbohydrate".  Well, the research has come out overwhelmingly on his side.  Once again, he was spot on and science has recently discovered that sugar messes with your liver metabolism and your testosterone for starters.  Read this link on How Sugar Lowers Your Testosterone and Sabotages Your Sex Life for some details that will leave you wondering if Jack could be any more right..

3.  He does drink Red Wine, which is quite Mediterranean and heart healthy, as you probably know from reading this site.  He was once quoted as saying, "I'd rather see you drink a glass of wine than a glass of milk".  Don't ask me how, but he knew intuitively (years before the studies came out) that red wine was the fitness beverage of choice (other than green and black tea).

4.  Jack LaLanne has exercised all of his adult life.  In fact, he claims to have exercised EVERY day for two hours starting at 5:00 am. (Considering his feats of strength and physique throughout his middle and even advanced age, there is no reason to doubt him!)    His workouts were known for being punishing and intense.   How did he keep from overtraining?  See below for his recipe.  (He did appear to suffer from joint injury and wear and tear:  he had to rely heavily on swimming much of the last decades of his life.)  Again, read my Sexercise and Brain links if you want to understand the life-giving power of exercise. 

5.  Jack LaLanne takes 40-50 supplements per day as he said "from A to Z".  From a Larry King interview, we know he took Zinc and Folic Acid, for example, both of which are advocated in my Supplement Guide.  From that same interview we also know he took "enzymes" and "herbs" and his regimen probably included many of the other recommendations from modern research.


From an Outside interview we find this recommendation:  "After his dawn-to-dark workouts, Jack will pour several hundred different vitamin supplements into a blender along with great handfuls of yeast and liver tablets, a pile of kelp, some carrot and celery juice, a few pieces of fruit, some egg whites, and a splash of half-and-half. He says it's the worst-tasting stuff in the whole world, but he drinks it down every day. He says that the secret of his endurance swims through cold and treacherous waters is a massive infusion of "B complex, liver, and defatted government-inspected yeast".

Of course, you don't have to juice such an odd mixture to get incredible results.  Jack has long promoted juicing as a way to pack in the nutrients and phytochemicals that you need without using yeast, liver tablets, etc.  I have had several readers write in and say that juicing has helped drastically with their erectile dysfunction.