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Low Fat Diet Dangers?
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Common HRT Problems That Your Doc Probably Does Not Know About
Does Saturated Fat Raise Cholesterol?
Mushrooms: A Weak But Natural Aromatase Inhibitor
HRT Under Legal Attack: The New Class Action Lawsuits
About One in Ten Men Cannot Reach an O and Here's Why
Low Carb Diets: Do They Fuel Inflammation or Not??
Depression: Cortisol Is Probably the Root Cause
The Huge and Surprising Benefits of Nitric Oxide
The Easy Way to Boost Your Nitric Oxide
Restarting Your Testosterone
Vitamin E: Big Drops in Blood Pressure; Big Boosts in Nitric Oxide
Large Particle LDL: Erection and Heart Killer
Nitric Oxide and Vitamin D
Nitric Oxide Replacement Therapy
The Huge and Surprising Benefits of Nitric Oxide
Propecia (Post-Finasteride Syndrome) Cures
No More Triclosan In Your Mouth? Natural Toothpaste Alternatives
Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory for E.D.
What Happens When You Stop HRT (Testosterone Therapy)?
Low Fat Paleo: The Ultimate Diet
Grains: Why They are Perfectly Paleo
Can Arteriosclerosis Kill Your Erections? Of Course.
A High PSA Stopped My HRT Treatment
A Legitimate Prostate Cancer Cure?
How Depression Fuels Inflammation, Oxidation and Maybe Low T
How To Lower Your PSA
Vitamin C: A Cheap Nitric Oxide Booster
Naltrexone: E.D. and T Booster in Some Men?
Magnesium and Your Sleep
How to Lower Prolactin Naturally
HRT and Pain
Low Dose Melatonin Therapy for Men Over 50
How to Increase Your Nitric Oxide Levels Naturally
Low Fat Meats
Creatine Raises DHT. Watch Your Hairline?
How Depression Fuels Inflammation, Oxidation and Maybe Low T
Alternative E.D. Therapy: Trazodone
Double Your Free Testosterone by Correcting Hypothyroidism?
Testosterone Replacement
Causes of Low Semen Volume
20 Huge Benefits of Brisk Walking (Including Nitric Oxide)
Iodine Painting on the Scrotum: Is It a Safe Way to Boost T?
Exercise: How Much Can You Boost Nitric Oxide and For How Long?
Can Low Testosterone Cause Heart Disease?
Need to Lower Your PSA? Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk? Flaxseed to the Rescue.
The Less Well-Known Benefits of Testosterone Therapy (HRT)
Double Your T? If You Lose Enough Weight It's Possible.
Chronic Stress Can Raise TNF alpha and IL-6? It's True.
Newfound Dangers of Antioxidant Supplements
Grape Seed Extract and Erectile Dysfunction
Alpha Blocker for Erectile Dysfunction: Doxazosin
Low Prolactin and Sexual Dysfunction
Big Gun for ED: Shockwave Therapy
Where Did Your Testosterone Go?
Alprostadil: Big Gun for Erectile Dysfunction
Can Testosterone Increase Appetite?
How Testosterone Is Affected By Your Meals
Fertility: HRT, HCG and Clomid
Low Fat Diet Questions for Dr. Barnard's Dietician, Joseph Gonzales
Dostinex, Zyprima and Uprima for Erectile Dysfunction
Low Testosterone, High Anxiety
Low Fat Diets and Testosterone: The Facts Please
Binge Drinking: The Dangers to Your Heart and Hormones
Testosterone's Incredible Brain-Boosting Powers
Low SHBG: Causes and Solutions
High SHBG: Causes and Solutions
Testosterone Therapy: Can It Improve Cortisol?
What So Bad About Low SHBG Since it Raises Free T?
Testosterone Boosts Dopamine and Dopamine Boosts T
Your Woman Lost Her Desire? Yoga. Yoga. Yoga.
Is There a Safe Dose for MSG?
Spontaneous Erections: The Same Causes As Waking and Nocturnal
How Lack of Sleep Hammers Your Dopamine
Your Refractory Period: How to Lower Your Post-Intercourse Recovery Time
Testosterone and Asthma: The Surprising Links
Testosterone, HRT and Aromatase Inhibitors
Suicide Inhibitors: The New Permanent Aromatase Inhibitors
What HRT (T and E2) Levels Do the Clinics Target?
My Heart Scan Results
Which HRT Is Right For You?
Ways to Lower Hemoglobin or RBCs from HRT
Testosterone and Your Kidneys
What Is The Ideal LDL Level?
Is HRT (Testosterone Therapy) Natural?
The Results of My 2013 Physical
The Hypothalamus and Your Hormones
Need a Testosterone Lab?
Weird Risks Associated with T Therapy (HRT)
Testosterone Cypionate: The King of Therapies?
HCG Monotherapy: The Most Natural Way to Boost Testosterone?
Mike Mahler's New Testosterone Booster
Can You Lower Visceral Fat by Increasing Testosterone?
Vitamin C. The Cheapest Way to Improve Your Erections?
Arteriosclerosis? Here is How to Boost Nitric Oxide Anyway
NEWS FLASH: Resarchers Find Carnitine, Red Meat and Heart Disease Link (#3)
Struggling? Go Throught This List of 15 Erection Killers
Testosterone and DHT: Hair Loss or T Loss?
Axiron: Side Effects of the New Armpit Testosterone
Painkillers are Sex Life Killers. Here are Natural Solutions
Natural ACE Inhibitors
Androgel versus Testim: Who Delivers?
Four (Research-Backed) Ways to Clear Your Arteries
The Many Dangers of High Fat (Low Carb) Meals
Low Testosterone Accelerates Aging
Is Low Testosterone Taxing Your Adrenals?
Endothelial Dysfunction: Get Your Arteries Back!
What Usually Reverses Metabolic Syndrome? How about T, E and D?
What Else Can Go Wrong? Low T Trigger Inflammation.
What Can Lead to an Early Death? Low T!
Can't put on Muscle? There's nothing like Testosterone
Can Testosterone (Often) Cure Diabetes?
Feeling Tired? Could it be Anemia from Low T
Looking for Some Natural Estrogen Blockers?
Androgel: Convenient but High Failure Rate
Spinal Crushes and Hip Fractures: Low T Can Do It
Do You Have a Testosterone Deficiency That Your Doc Will Not Treat?
Common Drugs and Medications That Can Lower Testosterone
Vegetarianism: How to Improve Ischemic Mortality - Blood Floooowwwww
Do You Have a Testosterone Deficiency That Your Doc Will Not Treat?
What Does Testosterone Do? It is Incredible!
Can Your Work Negatively Impact Your Testosterone? Yes!
Testosterone Stimulation: How Big of An Increase Can You Expect?
Concentrace Mineral Drops: Just What Is It?
Fruits and Vegetables: The Miraculous Benefits
Increasing Semen Volume Naturally
Clomid: The Potential Long Term Risk to Your Vision
Testosterone: It's a Skin Hormone Too
Arimdex: Problems with Long Term Use
Lowering Inflammation with Plant-Based Eating
What Would Jack Do?
Powerful Ways that Food Can Affect Testosterone Post-Meal
Which Testosterone is Best for Muscle Gains (Hypertrophy)?
Arachidonic Acid: The Most Dangerous Muscle-Building Supplement?
Arimidex: Raising Testosterone and Decreasing Estrogen
Fasting Insulin: Tied to Your Heart and Sex Life
Cortisol: Man Killer
Secular Meditation is Meditation without the Mumbo Jumbo
Creatine 101: Vegetarians and Plant-Based Men May Benefit Most
Testosterone: Master Of Your Blood Pressure
Can Too Many Antioxidants Hurt Erections or Your Heart?
The Relaxation Response: A Miracle for Men
Pomegranate Extract: Your Best Insurance Policy?
Need to Rebuild Your Brain? Forget pills. Try Mindfulness...
Plant-Based Nutrition: The Male Fantasy
The Risks of MSG: Testosterone and Thyroid
What Testosterone Tests Should You Get?
Popcorn: A Great Erection-Promoting Food
Do You Lose Your Erection Too Fast?
Your Food is Likely Mineral Deficient - It's Time for Ionic Minerals.
Wheat Belly Review: How Modern Wheat Can Kill You
The Liver: Ground Zero For Your Heart and Erections?
Walking: The Best Testosterone and Bedroom Booster?
Insulin Resistance: Your Liver Almost Wishes You Were An Alcoholic
What Does Heat Do To Testicles and Testosterone?
Morning Erections: Gotta Have Em!
Supplemenal Progesterone: Good for Males Also?
Soy and Men: It Is Mostly Ugly for Your Hormones and Brain
Low Fat Diet: What Is It? Is It Compatible with Muscle Mass and Athletics?
Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Stress-fighter That is Good for Erections and Testosterone
Meat Risks That Many Men Do Not Know About
Beetroot Juice: Bedroom Booster, Blood Pressure Lowerer
HCG: Miracle Cure for Low T and Testicular Shrinkage?
12 Mind-Boggling Benefits of a Low Fat Diet
Potential Long Term Dangers of Citrulline and Arginine
What Does Science Have To Do With Sex? You Might Be Surprised!
Fenugreek: Libido and Orgasm Booster
Vinitrox: New Erectile Supplement in Europe
The Benefits of Citrulline: New Super Erectile Supplement?
Non-Ejaculation - A Cure For Low Testosterone?
Easy Migraine Cure: A Low Fat Diet (See 9.)
10 Reasons Low T Will Hammer Your Sex Life
10 Superpowers of the Erectile Supplement Icariin.
No T? It Could Be Secondary Hypogonadism.
How Weight Lifting Helps in the Bedroom
Weight Loss: Powerful Erection Booster
Interview with Dr. Bryan About His Nitric Oxide Test Strips
Priapism - What Can Cause An Unending Erection?
Testosterone Supplements - Are They Legit?
Morning Erections: Causes and Cures
Erectile Dysfunction - Go Natural or Get Drugs?
Toothpaste Dangers
Reader Horror Story of T-Killing Supplement
What Causes Hair Loss? Here are the Big Ten.
NEW FLASH: Almost All Plastics Are Estrogenic. (See WARNING.)
Milk: Dairy is Scary...
A Cure for Herpes?
Top Doc Says E.D. Usually Cured By Hormones
Losing Sensitivity Down There?
Neuropathy Cures
Sex 1.5 X/Day? A Reader Writes
How To Make Your Marriage Last (According to the Research)
Viagra and Cialis Resistance - A Real Problem
Soda Linked to Diabetes. (See 9.)
Pesticides Lower IQ. (See 15.)
Manufactured Genomes!
A Cure for Herpes?
Today's Top Muscle Gurus
The Root Causes of Andropause
Juice: Inflammation Quencher
Salt: Subtle Killer
Why Viagra Doesn't Always Work
Psychological Erectile Dysfunction
Testosterone Pellets (Testopel)
Venous Leakage - Nightmare