My Program:

I sometimes get asked what I actually do for my own personal "program".  One thing that I think is unique about what I do is its efficiency:  I have taken all the most powerful elements off of Peak Testosterone and put them into a program that really takes very little time out of my day.  To me that is the key, because I am so busy.  My job is demanding and I have three kids and many other interests as well, so I simply don't have time to exercise two hours per day and spend two hours in the kitchen preparing meals. 

Another thing that I think that is unique about what I do is that it is so inexpensive.  I can honestly say that the way I eat is MUCH cheaper than anyone else I know.  I doubt I spend $60 on myself in the course of the week for food, yet I eat incredibly healthy.  And, for supplements, I probably spend less than 50 cents per day.

I don't believe I've cut any corners, however, or compromised:  I just turned 53 and can honestly say that I feel better than I ever have.  Not to sound "sappy", but I sincerely wake up excited each day and have excellent energy and stamina. In addition, my career is productive and I am still learning; am actively involved with my family and still able to keep up with my younger (and beautiful) wife.  I'm not trying to boast here but rather point out that it doesn't have to take a lot of time or money to achieve excellent health results and turn back the clock. And, by the way, I want to be be careful to say that every health outcome in my life I realize that I owe to all the decades of great medical research that has been accomplished with tremendous effort and dedication in laboratories and universities around the world.  Kudos to the men in white!

Anyway, the important thing to do is what I call the Big Four. A lot of guys write in looking for a magic supplement to fix all their problems.  Below I do cover the supplements that have helped me, but I always emphasize that the four changes below will get almost anyone to 90% of where they want to go, especially if you are patient and work at it a few months. 

I.  Exercise

Low intensity cario (7 days per week for 20-60 minutes) + Higher Intensity Weight Lifting (3-5 X/week 15-30 minutes depending on soreness levels).  SECRET:  I exercise during my lunch hour.  This means essentially no impact to my day.

II.  Diet

I eat what I call a modifed Low Fat Diet.  I believe this has greatly helped me and, as I document in My 2013 Physical Results , I had a Heart Scan (Calcium Score) recently and they found that I had NO arteriosclerosis in my cardiac arteries.  This should greatly help me.

1.  Supplemental Protein.  I add a significant amount of supplemental protein, which is outlined below, because I really enjoy weight lifting.

2.  I do not consume Wheat, Corn or Soy. My opinion is that the reason that many men do not succeed at a Low Fat Diet is because they consume these three high allergen, highly GMO'd foods.  Plus, wheat is pretty high glycemic.

3.  I consume the nitric oxide-boosting foods in the Peak Testosterone Diet, including nitrates through foods like beets, spinach, carrots and celery.

Other aspects of my diet are included below:

Caffeine and Alchohol:

I have coffee and black tea every day and occasionally enjoy a beer or glass of wine. 

Fruits and Vegetables:

I try to have about 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.  Almost all of the produce I eat is organic and is affordable only through Trader Joe's..

Whole Grains:

I eat probably the equivalent of 6 servings of whole grains and beans every day and avoid corn and wheat.  Quinoa, black beans, brown rice and pinto peans are my main staples along with 1-2 smoothies per day.

Supplemental Protein:

I get extra protein - about a gram per pound of body weight - through extra egg whites, undenatured rice protein powder and nonfat yogurt.  I also think undenatured whey is a great product but am not currently taking it.

Nuts, Seeds, Oils:

The only oil that I use is about a tablespoon for frying the egg whites. I will occasionally have nuts and/or pumpkin seeds, but these are uncommon.

Fast Food: 

I have not eaten a fast food burger or even chicken sandwich in years.  However, I ate fast food for twenty years and cannot imagine the damage that I did to myself.  My wife and I very rarely eat out.

Sugar and Chocolate:

I have very minimal sugar and sweets but do have some honey daily.  Until fairly recently I had dark chocolate every day. 

III.  Sleep

I do best with 7 hours of sleep per day, but this is my weak point and I often compromise.  

Again, you should always concentrate on these "Big Three" items - the rest is almost always fine tuning.  The above will markedly improve your mental performance, appearance, testosterone, erections and so on.  Everyone wants a pill to pop or a magic formula, but it really comes down to a little work and a little planning each day.  Again, though, you do not have to spend an exhorbitant amount of time or money to make this work!

Other common questions often center around the following topics which I have summarized below:

IV.  HRT (Testosterone Therapy):

Once I finally found out I was low testosterone, I struggled for a year plus tyring to raise my testosterone levels through lifestyle changes but to no avail.  Finally, I was diagnosed as hypogonadal and the story of my HRT is documented here in my link discussing My Health Story. I have been on four different testosterone delivery systems now trying to find one that worked and worked consistently. It took me literally years to find the right treatment protocols, and when I did, it really made a huge difference. "You can't fight your hormones" I always say.


  • Citrulline.  1 g, 3 X daily.  This is the only 'erectile supplement' I am currently using.
  • Vitamin C, 500 mg 3 X daily.  I believe in taking this on an empty stomach because 1) it increase iron absorption and 2) may increase nitrosamine production if there over 10% fat in the contects of your stomach.
  • Zinc, 15 mg daily.  (I may lower this soon as I am concerned about possible negative effects to neurons.)
  • Magnesium  (I take about 20% of my RDA to play it safe due to depeleted soils, etc.)
  • Vitamin D, 2000 IU/day
  • Carnosine, 100 mg/day.  (I don't necessarily recommend this yet.  I am doing this experimentally for awhile.  I noticed significant improvements in my skin from taking the supplement.)
  • Fish Oil.  (I was taking fish oil but will probably stop.  There is some evidence that it can lead to prostate cancer.  In place of this, I will probably eat fish once per week.)
  • Probiotics.  I get these through a couple of servings of nonfat yogurt every day.  This also gives me some additional portein.


    Now there are several dozen other things that I watch out for, including overtraining, regular sex, stress, sleep disorders, vitamin deficiencies and other things that I list throughout the web site.  Any of these can strongly effect testosterone, erectile function, immunity and your health in general.  I hope one day to add a easy to use checklist for those interested.

    If you have any questions or comments, please join the Peak Testosterone Forum - I'd enjoy hearing from you.