Neuropathy Remedies

Neuropathy is a condition affecting a significant percentage of males and, as I have documented in my link on Neuropathy, the Nervous System and Erectile Dysfunction, it often plays a role in a man's loss of hardness factor. It likely also affects libido and bedroom performance in other key ways due to loss of sensitivity and brain-CNS (Central Nervous System) interactions. Most men over the age of 40 need neuropathic remedies to one degree or another.

Of course, there are several kinds of neuropathy, and below we will discuss natural solutions for a broad range of common nerve-related issues. Probably the most common for middle-aged and beyond males is diabetic neuropathy and studies show that it is responsible for about 40% of all such cases. [6] As a man loses control of his blood sugar and insulin systems, it is very common for nerve dysfunction and eventually damage to result. (See my links on Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes Prevention for related information. )

NOTE:  Always get neuropathy checked by a good doctor, if you have any of the standard symptoms of neuropathy (tingling/loss of sensation, etc. in hands or feet) since  neuropathy can be a sign of underlying medical conditions, including physical reasons such as pinched nerves, carpal tunnel, past trauma, bone spurs, etc.

So are their any natural remedies?  Here are some aids that may help considerably:

1.  Apnea.  This condition, which afflicts a great number of men, is associated with peripheral neuropathy. [1]  Of course, apnea is very hard on testosterone and the cardiovascular system as well, as I cover in my link on Apnea and Erectile Dysfunction, but, if not controlled, it will likely lead to nerve damage as well according to the studies. [2] So, cure your apnea and you may heal your neuropathy.

2. RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). This condition, where the legs jerk or twitch and disturb sleep, has also been correlated with neuropathy. [3] Yes, it's probably safe to say that anything that disturbs your quality or quantity of sleep likely increases your risk of neuropathy. Again, improving your RLS will likely improve your neuropathy as well.

3. ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid). Many studies have shown that ALA can help with neuropathy, particularly the diabetic type. [4] ALA aids is a powerful antioxidant that aids in blood sugar control and mitochondrial protection. [5] Furthermore, anything that gets your blood sugar metabolism under better control will likely serve as a remedy as well.

4. Mitochondrial Protection.  Because nerve cells are often so long, the mitochondria in the extremities are often very "old", i.e. several years in many cases. (Most cells replace their mitochondria every month or so.) Thus, researchers believe that protecting one's mitochondria may be critical to reduce the risk of neuropathy. [7] Of course, protecting one's mitochondria is a big subject, but a healthy diet, ALA, CoQ10 and exercise are some of the big keys. (Mitochondrial damage is also a culprit in accelerated andropause, i.e. the age-related loss in testosterone that most men experience.)

5. Fructose.  Watch your consumption of fructose, as excess consumption is likely associated with neuropathy. [8] As I document in my link on Fructose Levels, you want to keep it to less than approximately 50 grams/day. Fructose supercharges mitochondria.  This might sound good since mitochondria are the energy engines of your cells, but, unfortunately, they are also abundants sources of free radical and oxidation byproducts. (Yes, this is another mitochondrial-related link to neuropathy.)

6.  Excitotoxins.  Watch out for almost all whey powders and diet drinks along with any processed food that contains autolyzed yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein or monosodium glutamate.  This is a big subject that I cover extensively on my site - do a search off my menu on "excitotoxins" - and likely leads to nerve dysfunction for many people. (Excitotoxins, if consumed in sufficient dosages, are neuron-killers. Some researchers have observed an Excitotoxin Syndrome that is related to overconsumption of these toxic molecules.


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