Silent Killers

They are small, blind and stupid. And they can cave in a whole section of your home without you ever even noticing it by methodically eating away at the structure of your house until a wall or beam buckles.  Yes, I'm talking about termites.

Termites are an excellent analogy to what has recently been discovered about many bacteria and viruses in the last ten years.  It's possible for us to get "termites" as well and I call them the Silent Killers.

How do these Silent Killers do their dirty work?  For the most part, it is through heart, cancer and autoimmune disease. This makes knowledge of these critters critical, because a strong immunity and decreased inflammation can help with in all cases.  This is why I recommend that you read my links on How to Boost Your Immunity and How to Decrease Inflammation.  Some of the Silent Killers below have vaccines and/or drug therapies that can help as well, but, of course, only if there is awareness.

Below are some of the more significant examples:

1.  XMRV.  There has been some controversy regarding XMRV, but the general scientific consensus is that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is likely often caused by this retrovirus. [1] (Yes, they mean retrovirus as in HIV.) This bad boy actually stands for "xenotropic murine leukemia virus related virus," which isn't a terribly comforting name to squelch public fear about our contaminated blood supply and this potentially deadly health threat.

2.  HSV-1 and HSV-2.  These herpes simples viruses, associated with cold sores and genital herpes, increase risk for heart disease [3] and oral cancer [2], respectively. SOLUTION:  One study found that Mercury and other heavy metals were a root cause of recurring herpes (and chlamydia) infections and used Chinese parsley as a treatment protocol. [16] The reason?  Chinese parsley binds to heavy metals so that they can be eliminated from the body.  Other plants with evidence of similar properties are cilantro and regular parsely. SOLUTION 2: A recent study found that mugwort components helped with herpes. [17]

3.  HPV.  HPV is an STD that can increase risk of oral cancer [4], anal/penile cancer [5] and skin cancer. [6]  NOTE:  There is currently a vaccine for males that protects against two of the most virulent strains.

4.  Periodontitis. As we have mentioned in our link on Natural Ways to Prevent Gum Disease, periodontitis is now considered a risk factor for heart disease. [7] The reason?  It leads to increased Inflammation and inflammation increases endothelial damage and arterial plaque buildup.

5.  Mycoplasma.  Mycoplasma is the smallest pathogen and has no cell wall.  It has several variants, including Mycoplasma pneumonia, which cause walking pneumonia and M. hominus and Ureaplasma urealyticum, which are quasi-STD's.  Mycoplasmas are nasty and can hide deep within cells, such as white blood cells, making them at time notoriously hard-to-detect.  This is such an important topic that we cover it in a separate link called Ten Ways Undetected Mycoplasma Will Kill You, but suffice it to say that it likely contributes to prostate cancer, certain arthritises, chronic fatigue, male infertility and a host of other issues that we do not know or understand yet.  NOTE:  In women, mycoplasmas can lead to PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) and lupus.

6.  SV-40.  This monkey virus was accidently given to millions of us humans in polio vaccines and some researchers feel that "SV40 in humans is associated with inflammatory kidney diseases and with specific tumor types: mesothelioma, lymphoma, brain, and bone." [8] NOTE:  Some researchers feel SV-40 is only a problem for monkeys and does not cause cancer-related issues in humans.

7. Epstein-Barr.  This herpes virus is best known for causing Mono, i.e. mononecleosis. It turns out this ubiquitous bug is a powerful trigger for many autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis [9], lupus [10], arthritis [11] and possibly Type I diabetes. [12]  It is also linked to various cancers.  Almost everyone (about 90% of the population) is infected and there are no direct treatments.  See the comments at the bottom, though, for some exciting research breakthroughs. 

8. Coxsackie Virus.  This virus generally produces mild symptoms but in some inflames the heart, a condition called myocarditis.  This can be debilitating for some and even life-threatening for others.  There is no known cure. [13]

All of this underscores the need to Maximize Your Immunity.  Scientists recently found that when they blocked the ATM and CK2 kinases (enzymes) that cell growth grew at a very rapid rate, something linked to various cancers.  What increases these same kinases?  I3C, the famous phytochemical in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, activates these two and may explain some of its cancer-fighting powers. [15]



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