Top Bodybuilding and Strength Gurus

Killer physiques?  Brilliant minds?  Below is a list of fitness, health and bodybuilding leaders that often combine both.  Their positions are sometimes controversial and contradictory, but they are always interesting. 

I don't always agree with the men below, but I will say one thing for all of them:  they each get results in their own way.  And all of them will challenge you and make you think.

1.  Jack LaLanne.  No other man revolutionized health and fitness as much as Jack LaLanne and no one can match his feats of strength in his senior years.  I wrote a tribute to him when he was still alive and one when he passed away recently.

2.  Bob Delmonteque.  Another senior with an incredibly impressive physique is Bob Delmonteque. Bob has been Trainer of the Stars and senior editor of Joe Weider's Muscle and Fitness magazine are among his many achievements.

3.  Clarence Bass.  Clarence is famous for a ripped (and very muscular) physique through his middle-aged and senior years. His site, playfully called CBass, is packed with thought provoking articles about training, nutrition and every health topic imaginable. Clarence was also an editor of Joe Weider's Muscle and Fitness magazine.

4.  Mike Mahler.  Mike is vegan and strong as a horse - maybe a couple of them actually. He is strength trainer extraordinaire and has trained some of the bigger name martial artists. Besides being a nice guy, his site has many excellent articles as well. He has been a regular contributor to just about every bodybuilding magazine you can think of.

5.  Ori Hofmekler.  Ori is apostle of The Warrior Diet, a Paleo Diet on steroids. While we are not too excited about the whole Paleo thing, we are not about to argue with an ex-Israeli Special Forces member! If you check out his web site, you will immediately see that his unorthodox approach includes eating just once per day. One of his biggest fans is none other than Dr. Mercola.

6.  Charles Poloquin.  When it comes to strength, conditioning, rehabilitation and athletic performance, it is hard to find a resume more impressive than Charles Peloquin's. He has trained many elite athletes and writeen articles for almost every bodybuilding magazine and site on planet earth. He is the apostle of German Volume Training and has a blog packed with interesting studies and articles for those interested.

7.  Robert Cheek.  A body builder that rubs elbows with Hollywood celebrities such as James Cameron and Alicia Silverstone? That would be none other than vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheek, who popularized the use of multiple plant proteins to achieve excellent muscle-building results.  

8.  Arthur De Vany.  A pointy-headed math and economics behavorial science prof turned health and fitness guru? Apparently it can happen, and Arthur De Vany is living proof. His web site has many interesting articles and he is yet another senior with an impressive physique.  He says he owes it all to a Paleo lifestyle and a few other tips and tricks including fasting and "intermittent exercise."

9.  Jeff Life. Can you imagine Dean Ornish on steroids? Well, neither can we, but that somewhat describes Dr. Jeff Life. This physician eats low fat, although actually not in the true Ornish Diet sense, and likely is on both testosterone and HGH therapy. It's hard to argue with the physique that he's achieved in his early 70's. If you don't know who I am talking about, he is the powerfully built but balding senior on almost every web page on planet earth. He is the progeny of both Body for Life (of Bill Phillip's fame) and Cenegenics and his physique is, undoubtedly, a sign of things to come. He has a book and web site with a lot of interesting information for those interested in his approach.