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Undenatured Proteins

Remember the days when the only muscle and bodybuilding proteins were hydrolyzed, isolated and packed with nasty excitotoxins? It may be coincidence, but I can tell you that there are a huge number of men on the forum who have been heavy whey users at one time or another and now have written in that have low testosterone. Or could it be that they have damaged their hypothalamus through flooding their system free glutamines and aspartates? (Read my link on Wheys and Excitotoxins for more information.)

Time will tell, but, regardless, it is inexcusable in my opinion for protein manufacturers to risk your neurons just to save a manufacturing dime. The word has gotten out and now one supplement company after another has alternative undenatured proteins that use very gentle processing (enzymes, cold pressing, etc.) and require no nuclear superheating of the original product.  This has the advantage of preserving many of the original properties of the food as we'll discuss below:


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1.  Undenatured Whey Protein.  If you treat whey right, it is an incredible protein, known for its immune-building and mucle-building abilities.among other things. Some would probably term whey as a superfood, because of its ability to raise glutathione, one the body's key antioxidants and detoxifiers. I do a review of a popular undenatured whey protein here in my like on A Review of Biochem Whey. Many more information, see this link on Undenatured Whey.

2.  Undenatured Hemp Protein.  Yes, this is the same plant as marijuana, but, of course, the low THC version.  Hemp was used for years as a food and many other applications for centuries but fell out of favor with modern farming practices.  However, just 3 tablespoons provides 15 grams of protein and, best of all for some guys, 2400 mg of Arginine, 60% of their Magnesium, 25% of their zinc and 11% of their potassium.  Now that is beautiful! 

Now the Lysine content for the same serving size is only 400 mg, so herpes-sensitive men may have to be careful.  But the bottom line is that this protein should help boost nitric oxide while it's building muscle as well.  The zinc and magnesium will do nothing but good for your sex life as well.  (See my links on Zinc and Magnesium for more details.) 


My favorite hemp protein is currently Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein:  it is finely ground which is important to make it taste good.  Some of the hemp proteins I have tried are in larger pieces and it is every bit as chewy as sunflower seeds shower and also have a grassy taste.  However, the Nutiva has a nice flavor and easy-to-swallow texture.

3.  Rice Protein. Another fantastic new undenatured protein protein to come out on the market is rice protein. Just two tablespoons provides 24 grams of protein with only 4 grams of carbohydrate ad 0 grams of fat.  Also, nice is the fact that it has about 2200 mg of Arginine and 800 mg of Lysine. (Again, herpes sensitive individuals should be careful and discuss with a physician.) Again, this should bolster nitric oxide levels as well.

While hemp is about 50% protein, rice is about 80% protein. Now, granted, rice protein is a little lower in lysine content and, thus, theoretically less bioavailable. However, many experts say that this is no longer an issue as the body essentially stores aminos for later use. 

The rice protein that I am currently using is NUTRIBIOTIC VEGAN RICE PROTEIN 3 lb., which is completely undenatured.  The labels says chemical free and "is produced by means of a unique enzyme process", i.e. not by boiling it to shreds.

CAUTION:  Virtually all rice products coming out of the U.S. (and many parts of the world) are showing up with significant levels of inorganic arsenic, the kind that animal studies have shown even minute amounts can cause long term cancer. Unfortunately, Nutribiotic does not use organic sources of rice, which would likely have significantly lower levels of arsenic.  They do, however, monitor their product and, according to their rep, keep their rice below .1 ppm, which 100 parts per billion. 

Is this safe long term?  Well, that is the subject of considerable debate.  The FDA apparently issued a statement at one time in the past that they concerned about levels as low 23 ppb. [1] However, there are no official guidelines or limits in the U.S. at this time.  I am currently backing off of this protein at this time until more data is gathered or perhaps I can find an organic source: there are plenty of other good sources of protein!

By the way, it is not a given that even organic rice will always be safe.  The reason is that the arsenic actually generally comes from contaminated soil from spraying arsenic-based pesticides on cotton to kill boll weevils.  Neighboring fields (from wind) or contaminated fields from past spraying can do it.

NOTE:  There are also a number of undenatured soy proteins.  However, see my link on The Dangers of Soy for Men for additional information.



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