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Por favor, recuerda tratar estos temas con tu doctor.

Progesterona en los Hombres

Progesterone is known for being one of the "female hormones," since it plays a significant role in ovulation, pregnancy and fertility in women.  What most men don't realize is that plasma levels of progesterone are surprisingly high in men and appear to play a significant role in male sexual and general health. 

Many alternative and anti-aging physicians are actually using progesterone to help cure erectile dysfunction and other male-related health issues. Although progesterone therapy has certainly not gone mainstream in men, it certainly has many impressive benefits, which are outline below.

Again, here are some reasons progesterone is growing in popularity for middle-aged and beyond men:

CAUTION:  Progesterone should only be administered under the care of a knowledgeable physician.

1.  5-Alpha-Reductase Inhibition.  This enzyme is responsible for converting testosterone into DHT.  DHT is a powerful hormone in males and is responsible in part for libido, muscle growth and many other male functions.  However, too much DHT can be hard on the prostate and lead to hair loss.  Progesterone, which decreases with aging, is a significant inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase. [2]

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2.  Noradrenaline Control and Reduction.  It looks progesterone can help control and even reduce noradrenaline. [5] This stress hormone is known for being the "anti-erection" hormone in the sense that it actually provides necessary feedback from men getting spontaneous erections.  However, too much noradrenaline puts the brakes on one's hardness factor.

3.  High Blood Pressure.  Progesterone, likely from the effects of #2, can improve blood pressure a little in men and, of course, hypertension is one of the leading risk factors for erectile dysfunction. [5][6] For more information, see this link on High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction.

4.  Sleep Improvement. Progesterone plays an important role in sleep and sleep quality. [7]

5.  Bone Mass.  Some physicians insist that progesterone can increase bone mass in men with osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Progesterone Cautions

Are their any risks associated with increasing progesterone levels?  Here are a few to consider and discuss with your physician:

1.  DHT.  Yes, limiting DHT in aging males can be of some benefity.  However, potentially this can impact libido and sexual function since DHT plays a pivotal role in male sexual health.

2.  Lack of Research in Men.  Progesterone therapy in men has not been nearly as well-studied as testosterone therapy. There are a number of progressive physicians who have used it, but ideally that should really should be verified in some longer term studies before widespread adoption.  Some argue that it should be safe as long as you restore to normal physiological levels.  Again, it would be nice to have confirmation.

3.  Gynocomastia.  Progesterone and progesterone receptors play a role in male gynocomastia ("bitch tits") in men. Furthermore, elevated levels of progesterone have been documented to increase the risk of gyno at least in some men. [3][4] (Estrogen and progesterone are the engines of breast development in females.)

4.  Sedative Effect. Progesterone can have a relaxing effect. [1] Unfortunately, anything that has even a mild sedative effect can have a negative impact on libido and/or erections.  On the other hand, progesterone can improve sleep, which will generally help improve sexual function.

Top 5 de los mejores suplementos para una buena función eréctil - Con sólidas bases de investigación


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