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yes, I am glad I live in a country with such obvious double standards between them dosing me  constantly by eating food that addicts me to food and destroys my health and then making RX  so hard to get,,,,,why cant I walk into walmart and buy Testosterone?  oh I might hurt myself?  but I can buy tabacco. and alcohol and go out and kill you  with my 2nd hand smoke and drunk driving?

oh this food is Tranfat free***PER SERVING** and its all natural so it must be good for me, it has natural flavors xanthum gum....45grams sugar per serving THATS OK
Im hungry and tired, thanki goodness for cracker jacks with caffeine!!

oh, I need to fix what eating food as done to me..... Doc, PLLLEEEAASSSEEE give me some Testoterone/blood test/etc
Doctor: you are worried about nothing,  you can't get it up cause its all in your head, your BMI of 98 is nearly a perfect score, keep it up!*Burp*


Whoa!  We've got a new FightLowT?

There will only ever be ONE and ONE only FIGHTLOWT

Dorian is one of those atypical bodybuilders for his era. He was relatively obscure and remained out of the limelight living in England ( not especially known for bodybuilding). Other competitors were living this rock star type lifestyle in LA driving these fancy cars, working out in gyms with beautiful women, and doing photo shoots on the beach. Dorian on the other hand trained in a basement called Temple Gym. He got the nickname the shadow because no one would see him all year, hardly any interviews, and then he would suddenly show up to the Olympia competitions and basically blew the other competitors away. I think that's pretty cool in a way. The guy seems to be the least full of bullshit out of a world that basically "thrives" off of false advertising and other scams.

BTW peak the bodybuilding of Arnold's day was not nearly as drug ridden as today. The massive look that is developed by the modern bodybuilders is commonly thought to be achieved not only with high levels of androgens and anabolics but with the usage of insulin and growth hormone. Insulin is touted as one of the most anabolic substances in the body. Diuretics are also used a great deal which are very dangerous as if taking insulin while not being a diabetic is not a death trap or coma waiting to happen.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Metabolic Crash
« on: December 08, 2012, 05:31:05 pm »
But dropping the pounds is almost always gonna be a good thing.  Don't forget that there are definite disadvantages to dropping the calories too significantly:


Layne Norton is a natural bodybuilder who also has obtained a PHD in nutritional sciences with a specialty in protein synthesis. He discusses the effects of people who diet very extreme in attempt to lose bodyfat drastically. Curious as to how much he might have a knowledge regarding hormones as well. I may email him sometime and try to get his opinion.


Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / My protocol and lab work
« on: December 08, 2012, 01:05:09 pm »
Alright guys so I went to a doctor that finally gets it or at least gets it much more so than the other doctors I have visited. I found out a couple of things during my visit that were very troubling. My vitamin D levels were in the tank. I also was informed by the doctor that my thyroid levels were not what he considered optimal and that some of my symptoms suggested hypothyroidism. Of course my testosterone both serum and free were very low.

Here are some labs and medications/ supplements he put me on:

-Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy   24.9 L      range ( 30.00- 100.00 ng/ml)
I was given a 10,000 iu daily supplement to boost these levels and then adjust after labs are taken.

-IGF-1          230         range ( 71-241 ng/ml)

-IGF-BP3      7.3  H      range ( 3.5-7.0 mg/L)

*Apparently growth hormone levels are fine.

-TSH                                         1.970       range( 0.450-4.500 uIU/ml)
-Reverse T3 serum                  17.5        range ( 9.2-24.1 ng/dl)
-Thyroxine (T4) free direct        1.01       range (0.82-1.77 ng/dl)
-Triiodothyronine                       2.9        range( 2.0-4.4 pg/ml) 

* I know very little about thyroid labs and red-flag markers in comparison to my knowledge regarding testosterone, but I am slowly trying to learn more about it. From what I've gathered TSH is very much to the thyroid what LH is to the testes and both are secreted by the pituitary. The doctor put me on Armour thyroid at 30 mg morning and mid-day. One thing I have read about is that if you do not have healthy thyroid hormones or are deficient you can start to develop thinning hair. I have had an ample amount of thinning around my crown for the past 3 years and although it's not a bald spot it is definately something that seems to have happened rather fast and not what one would expect with typical mpb. It may just be placebo although I doubt it but since having taken the thyroid medication for this little bit it seems I am seeing far less hair on my pillows and noticeably less in my hands after washing my hair. Metabolism seems to have picked up some as well.

-Testosterone serum   343  L   labcorp range =gold standard (348-1197 ng/dl)
-Free testosterone       11.3      range ( 8.7- 26.5 pg/ml)
- E2                                22      range   (10-50 pg/ml)

* labcorp changed their entry level range for what is regarded as hypogonadal serum T levels from 240 ng/dl to 348 ng/dl in October 2011. This has helped many men get a more serious consideration from their otherwise unsympathetic GP's. This new standard has been long overdue for many many years, but finally something has been done about it and labcorp should be commended. Had this change been made 7 months earlier to when I first had a lab taken at 294 ng/dl in March 2011 my experience regarding testosterone deficiency and the effect it has had on my quality of life may have been very different from what it has been for the past two years.

* At the doctor's visit I was prescribed testosterone cypionate 100mg a week and I have divided it up into two 50 mg injections I administer every 3 days. Energy levels are improving and am noticing a bit more nocturnal and morning activity downstairs. Hoping as the weeks roll on more improvements will be made and become more pronounced. It has not been quite two weeks but these are  some positive changes that have occurred. Depression has been significantly reduced and hopefully within the coming weeks I will be looking to going to trade school or exploring possibilities of gaining employment.

* On a side note my testes have developed a slight ache that comes and goes and I attribute this to LH reduction. The doctor prescribes hcg and arimedix if E2 rises too high. We will determine in the next two months if that will improve treatment.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: sustanon
« on: December 08, 2012, 12:06:55 pm »
I think sustanon is a very outdated product that the pharmacy companies had high hopes for when it was initially developed. It's rare for US doctors to prescribe it over the more commonplace enanthate/cypionate esters. It seems the fast acting, medium, and longer acting esters in sustanon's makeup were a good idea on paper but I think in the real world it hasn't shown those anticipated favorable results with providing stable symptom relief. I don't think the longer acting esters in sustanon are very different from those found in cypionate and we all know the flawed "logic" many doctors use today with the two week cypionate injection methods.

Most docs start a guy with the typical conservative dose for injections at 100 mg/week or every 5 days. I'm currently on this same protocol ( Finally had to do something about my lowT) but instead of doing 100 mg ( 0.5 ml) every 5-7 days I do 0.25 or  50mg every three days. Doctor has no problem with this. This apparently from what I've read and heard from many long time trt guys aids in keeping E2 levels from rising and avoids more peaks and valleys of serum t levels. I've been on this protocol for close to two weeks so I have yet to get any bloodwork done to see what this is yielding. In two more weeks I will go and get bloodwork or wait until next year since everything in America shuts down during stuffmas, consumerday, buyshitmas, take your pick. I have noticed better energy and better sleep. Already it seems body composition is improving and libido gets a bit of a boost the day after an injection.

Giving yourself an injection is very easy and not very intimidating. Having tried HCG in the past I am familiar with what a 25 gauge needle feels like and it's really no big deal with very little discomfort. I use a 21 gauge draw needle to take in the medication more easily and then switch to the 25 gauge and use a 1 inch needle. The amount of .25 ml is so tiny that it's almost as if you were injecting insulin. The whole process is very uneventful, hardly invasive, and is over in about 5-7 minutes. I rotate between left/right quads and shoulders. Although I hear glutes offer the best absorption. Maybe I will switch. I would expect this protocol to get me in the 600 ng/dl range and the doctor said if significant improvements were not made at that level then we can adjust to try and reach upper quartile ranges where I think I probably will need to be ( 700-900). Based on how I felt in the lower mid 300's for the past two years and how dramatically different I felt a few years before makes me feel I may have been around 700 ng/dl at one time in my life.

Explore the injection option my friend. Have no fear it is nothing to be afraid of.

yeah yeah laugh it up...The guy really starts to make his key points around 1 hour into the clip. The reason for the delay was feminist hate group protests on the outside of the building and were trying to prevent people from hearing him. He answered many people's questions before the lecture as to why the people were out there..

Yes all you ever growing porn haters  ;) on the board will enjoy this! Just to see if there is something to the porn issue I will try a reboot myself..By the way he also discusses endocrine issues with boy's development. A very interesting man who is on our side.


Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Danabol
« on: December 06, 2012, 09:48:15 am »
We'll have to do a physique contest sometime here on peak T with who has gotten the best results off their TRT...Give me about 6 months...

You have no idea how many of these women are involved with university policies through associations and who also get state funding for women's programs. Many of these women are trying to get state positions with their degrees as well. Mrs. Hydes by day Dr. Jeckylettes by night. Misandry is a very real thing and its perpetuation by feminism is just one of the many more nails in the coffin for marriage and its sanctity. Most men have no idea how much hatred is being thrown at them on a daily basis. They wonder why their relationships with women are so unsuccessful...If ye men here are willing to learn I will teach...

Strange though cuzz the article was written by guys!  (I finally included the link to the article - see above.)

LOL...Feminist propaganda has no boundaries for sex. The men that believe in taking up for women regardless of what they do are what can be called "White Knights" in the men's rights movement. They are clueless as to what kind of hatred they are propagating towards men. I could show you links on youtube where these feminist groups are protesting a speaker named Warren Farrell who is one of the most even tempered soft spoken and articulate individuals in the men's rights movement , who used to be involved with women's rights but later saw the radicalism and left, . Warren Farrell is attempting to address something he feels is the boy's crisis where more men exponentially commit suicide more than females and we are not graduating college as much nor are there jobs that utilize skills inherent to men.

Look at the way these feminists are treating men who want to listen to Warren Farrell's speech at a university, look at the way these women are treating the police, look at these young guys that think they are doing a good thing by supporting these women ( white knights).. If anything just desperate guys that think these women will like them and that its the "politically correct" thing to do.


Just more demonization of testosterone from feminist influenced mass media. Anything male these days is evil, inadequate, stupid, a nuisance, etc..Just watch commercials now on TV if you can come out of the coma they put you in. Pay attention! Men ate routinely ridiculed by the wife and kids. The men are often also hit or slapped and this is promoted as being acceptable. Men in commercials always blow up the grill, ruin the deck, screw up repairing the table, are fat and out of shape, act like morons and get caught by the wife and then given a stupid look...It's absolutely ridiculous...Ever wonder why testosterone is the only hormone that is regarded as a controlled substance? Because it's the male hormone and it's evil. It will turn you into a monster of violence and superhuman strength.....

I agree that Dorian was on AAS and that he had way more recuperative ability than someone who was natural but doing lower volume 1-2 warm up sets followed by 1 max effort set really cuts down on the overall taxing levels of 3-4 sets between 10-12 reps. I found myself training that way for years in my late 20's maybe because I started to already experience less than optimal testosterone levels and th higher volume work just left me dead. It seemed I was able to get back into the gym week after week without feeling so run down by training this way. It also really lets you optimize your time and you can be done in literally 45 minutes.

Example of a leg day
1-2 progressive warm up sets leg extensions
1 max effort set of leg extensions

Dorian didn't squat free weights but you could add it. He preferred leg presses and hack squats. one could always substitute the hack squats for regular squats

1 warm up set of squats
1 max effort set of squats 10-12 reps

1 warm up set of leg presses
1 max effort set of leg presses 10-12 reps

1-2 warm up sets of leg curls
1 max effort set of leg curls 10-12 reps

1-2 warm up sets of calf raises
2 max effort sets of calf raises 6-12 reps

kind of a progressive overload type of routine where a fair amount is held back on the warm up sets to save for the final set.

pretty simple stuff and not really crazy considering many guys in the gym do the typical 3-4 sets of 3-4 exercises

It worked for me and in the picture I posted my arms were about 19 inches at 5'9 with my excellent mid 300's test levels... ???

Some guys popularized the low volume high intensity stuff like Mike Mentzer.  Dorian Yates went on to adopt some of those techniques and won numerous Mr. Olympias. Dorian trained very differently from previous top bodybuilders using a 1-2 set warm up/ pre-exhaustion and then 1 final no holds barred set to failure and often beyond while other Weider guys were doing 5-6 sets per exercise. There is some sense to Mike Mentzer's methods if you look at them from the perspective of what a natural bodybuilder/weightlifter has to put his/her body through. Doing more than what is necessary to stimulate muscular adaptation and growth just increases the body's strain for recovery. Of course neither Dorian or Mike were natural but the theories suggest that weightlifiting for the natural trainer is far more taxing on one's body in conjunction with all the other daily life stresses one has to endure than being chemically enhanced( that goes without saying). Why do more than you have to? Almost seems to suggest less is more as overtraining is worse in a sense than undertraining.

One guy on youtube named Layne Norton ( convincingly natural as well) is a very impressive lifter who also has a PHD in nutritional science with a specialty in protein synthesis. He is of the opinion that periodization is a must and a person should incorporate higher volume and lower volume work together with varying weights higher and lower weights. I tend to agree that if you want both strength and size you need to do compound lifts and also focus on exercises that isolate specific muscles.

One thing I know for sure is that starting at the age of 16-17 has many advantages and can be built on later throughout life.


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