Alternative Cancer Treatments

Need a miracle?  Has conventional medicine failed you in your search for a cure for cancer?

Cancer treatment is incredibly tricky and complex.  In addition, someone's life is usually at stake and so the pressure and emotions and stress are maximized.  If we're honest, cancer treatment is still in its infancy and the lion's shares of our strategies are primitive at best.

Because of that, I wanted to include a resource page of links to alternative cancer treatments that are outside, to one degree or another, of the mainstream but that seem to have some merit. (I have no affiliation whatsoever with any of these.) After all, some of your friends or family may have "little to lose" in investigating alternate cancer treatments.

CAUTION:  Please keep in mind that I am just putting these here for informational purposes.  QuackWatch has a sobering review of the many alleged miracle cancer cures that have fallen by the wayside over the years:  Cancer Hype. Always consult with your doctor first.

Below are a few of these that you may want to read about: