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Axiron Review

Axiron Review
Just when you thought testosterone delivery couldn’t get any more strange, along comes “Testosterone Deodorant.”  Yes, indeed, you can now essentially roll testosterone into your arm pit with Lilly’s new Axiron testosterone gel. (It’s actually not deodorant.)

“Now,why would anyone want to apply testosterone into their armpit area.  Isn’t there enough going on there already?”  The reasons, we suspect, mostly have to do with the Two A’s:  Attorneys and Absorbability.

For example, a signfiicant problem for Androgel and Testim has been absorbing enough of the product to boost T levels significantly. Axiron attempts to overcome this through application to the relatively thin skin “down under.”  However, there is limited surface area in the armpits obviously and so it looks like this may have been that the makers of Axiron boosted the concentration to 2%, double that of the original 1% Androgel, for increased absorption.

NOTE:  Androgel now comes in a 1.62% concentration.  Don’t ask me what pointy-headed wizard came up with that figure.

However, Axiron’s major plus is its inaccessibility:  contact by family members with the armpit area is much less likely for obvious reasons.  One big issue for the topicals, such as Testim and Androgel that are applied to the upper body, is such contact with family members. (You can read the warnings right on the front page of Androgel’s web site.[1])

Children who have come into contact with these topical, in particular, have been documented to almost spontaneously go through precocious puberty.  Granted – this is almost always from a man that is simply not being careful and giving skin-to-skin contact, but, regardless, it is very dangerous and, undoubtedly, there are great concerns over potential litigation issues.  Even adult females, because they generally only have about a tenth of the testosterone levels of their middle-aged plus men, are at potential health risks from repeated exposure.  A product like Axiron removes much of this concern.

 Axiron also gives Lilly another “big gun” in its arsenal for treating men’s sexual health issues:  it is owner and operator of the blockbuster PDE5 inhibitor, Cialis. By acquiring Axiron (from an Australian company) [2], it now has treatment options for the two primary underlying causes of post middle-age erectile dysfunction, age-onset low testosterone (hypoganadism) and endothelial dysfunction (decreased nitric oxide).

So how has Axiron been received? So far doctors seem to be very receptive to the product.  Users seem to like it except for the strange solution that requires pumping the right number of pumps and getting it into an applicator.  For example, one man wrote me and described the application as:

“It’s an alcohol based liquid that you apply to your armpits. Ever tried putting a liquid on your pits without using a roll on applicator? It’s not easy. The liquid feels fine, however. They give you a cup with a flexible rim. You fill the cup and slowly (or you lose everything) begin to slide it across your skin until the cup is empty. You really have to keep the cup perpendicular to the ground because you can lose it all when you try to go vertically into your pits. It’s the one pain in the…with their product. ”

However, that same guy admitted that it seemed to really boost his testosterone levels from what he could tell.

Below is a question and answer review that one reader gave about his experience with Axiron:

Q. You applied the Axiron to your arm pits, correct? Or did your doctor recommend it in the thigh area? thigh area?

A. Yes, you apply under arms only – doctor said no other place.

Q. Do you use deodorant before or after application of Axiron?

A. You apply deodorant about 5 mins after.

Q. It is a solution, correct? Did you have trouble with it dripping or running during application?

A. Yes it is a solution,and if you are not careful it will run.Its a learning experience.

Q. That s a delicate area. Did it dry your skin or irritate it in any way or lead to redness, nodules, skin tags, etc.?

A. At first no problems but after 6wks I noticed it left a white dry flaking material under my arms. But it caused no other problems – no redness,no tags, nothing.

Q. I know that you tried a variety of testosterones unsuccessfully, including Androgel and Testim. Why did your doctor put you on Axiron?

A. As for the Testim, I was on it for 18 months and my levels were not going up and staying up.  When I started, my total was 150.  At one point my total went to 475 but just two months later down to 172.  That’s when my doc said lets try axiron.  I was on axiron for three months and now I went to see endo who said it was an absobtion problem. The endo said lets try androgel 1.6 which I have been on now for three months. I go back in Dec for levels.  Hope this works.  I can not get a straight anwser on why it can only be applied on the upper chest and arms.  My wife applys her hrt to inner thighs – why cant I?

Q. My understanding is that Axiron is given in dosages between 30 and 120 mg. What was your dosage level?

A. My levels were 60mg per arm,but I went to 120mg per arm on my own to see if it would make me feel better but not.

Q. Do you want to share any experiences about HRT? Any words of advice for other guys out there?

A. I know a lot of us guys struggle with this issuse,my only advice is to pressure the doctors for answers if you do not get the results change docs.

A. I know a lot of us guys struggle with this issue. My only advice is to pressure the doctors for answers if you do not get the results change docs.


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