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Biochem: How About a Whey That Won’t Fry Your Neurons?

Biochem Whey ReviewI am always on the hunt for good and safe sources of protein. You might as well not even lift weights if you’re not going to consume a lot of extra protein. Most men who can’t put on muscle in the gym have too little protein to blame.

So what’s the answer?  How about a protein that is one of nature’s true superfoods!  Whey is not only a good protein but is just plain powerful stuff – it’s one of Mother Nature’s little miracle workers. As I cover in link on Good Whey, it does something very important:  it boosts glutathione, the master detoxifier and one of the body’s core antioxidants.

Unfortunately, someone along the way got the bright idea of boiling the crap out of whey to save a few bucks in the manufacturing and processing of the end product. This has a surprisingly negative impact that I document in my link Whey of Death: it essentially releases multi-grams of free glutamine (and free aspartates as well) in a standard serving. Technically, this free glutamine acts just like MSG, and this much can overexcite, or “fry” in the vernacular, your precious neurons.  (They may also increase risk for various cancers and/or lead to Excitotoxin Syndrome .)

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What is the answer? Well, instead of boiling the whey into oblivion, one could gently filter it instead. Who would do such a good deed? Biochem will – that’s who. I recently stumbled on Biochem Whey Protein in a local vitamin store, where I noticed that it stated clearly on the label that 99% of the peptides were left unaltered. So I recently contacted a representative of Country Life, the parent company of Biochem, about their Vanilla Whey Protein powder in order to verify that their whey was, in fact, almost entirely undenatured.

NOTE: As far as I know, all wheys by Biochem are undenatured but check the label to make sure. The containers I have seen all say something about how 99% of the peptides remain intact, i.e. undenatured.

Thek representative clearly stated that:

“The isolation method is not chemical or heat but it is instead membrane filtration. The raw whey is passed through a series of two filtration steps: 1) it first retains the fat and releases the protein and 2) the protein is retained but allows things like falactose to release out. At the end of the process, it yields a 99% undenatured whey protein isolate that still maintains important biological fractions such as lactoferrin and IGG.”

So the bottom line is that you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to whey. Isn’t it nice to know that there are few companies out there who care for their buyers enough not to attack their neurons? It kind of makes you tear up, doesn’t it?  Well, I think so, and, to make matters even better, Biochem has no added ingredients, such as soy compounds, and is pretty inexpensive compared to most of the other undenatured wheys out there: Biochem Ultimate 100 % Whey Protein, Natural .

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