Cheapest Testosterone and Other Tests for Men

Cheapest Testosterone and Other Tests for Men
Many thanks to EH for putting this together. Be sure to see his many great posts on the Peak Testosterone Forum.

It is no secret that doctors do not test as much as they should.  The primary reason is simple:  insurance premiums and partner physician agreements.  The bottom line is that they have to keep their costs in line and, of course, this isn’t all bad or our insurance premiums would be sky high.  The downside is that doctors often leave out valuable lower-probability tests.  In this case, it is up to the consumer to do his own testing if it is going to be done.

For the record: I have no relationship with any of these labs and I am not officially recommending any of them. You must do your own due diligence as a consumer. I can tell you that these labs have been used successfully by at least one of our senior members. Prices are not controlled by me and are strictly as reported as of 11/17/2013. You can read a little more about some of these in my link on Testosterone Labs.

NOTE: None of these labs do the actual testing. They actually contract out the actual work to LabCorp, which is the largest lab here in the U.S.

LEF (membership req’d $5 per month)

  • $102 Amino Acid Panel (great deal as it is $600+ through your doctor without health insurance)
  • $33  SHBG
  • $75  Male Basic Hormone (T+free, E2, PSA, DHEA-S)
  • $28  Zinc, serum
  • $47  Copper, serum

WalkInLab, LabsMD, HealthOneLabsHealthOneLabs (Uses LabCorp)

  • $59 Thyroid Profile Plus (TSH, FTI, T3 uptake, T3, T4, free T3, free T4)PrivateMDLabs (Uses LabCorp)
  • $69 Anemia Profile (Iron serum, TIBC, ferritin, B12, folate, CBC, reticulocyte count)
  • $44 Testosterone Total
  • $150 Testosterone, Total & Free + SHBG
  • $69 Anemia Profile (Iron serum, TIBC, ferritin, B12, folate, CBC, reticulocyte count)
  • $44 PSA
  • $69 IGF-1
  • $48 hsCRP
  • $60 Homocysteine
WalkInLab (Uses LabCorp)
  • $43 Testosterone
  • $84 Wellness Profile #3 (only during December when 50% off, contains all basic tests plus HbA1c, vit D, CRP)
  • $24 Gluten
  • $39 Ammonia
  • $57 Dihydrotestosterone (only March when 20% off all tests)
  • $37 Prolactin (only March when 20% off all tests; $47 normally)
  • $135 Hormone #1 Women, contains E2, Pg, T + free, Cortisol, FSH, LH, DHEAS (only order in March when 20% off, men can order this too)
  • $71 Vitamin A, E, Beta-Carotene (only order in March when 20% off)
  • $29 Insulin
  • $82 TBG
  • $37 PSA Total
  • $73 PSA Total and Free
  • $92 PSA Ultrasensitive
  • $44 PSA Ultrasensitive
  • $69 PSA Ultrasensitive
  • $210 CRP + Lp(a) + Homocysteine + Fibrinogen!
  • $69 IGF-1AnyLabTestNow
  • $79 VAP ($69 with a $10 off coupon on local lab site)


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