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Cialis, Dependency

Can you become dependent on Cialis?  That is a question many guys, both young and middle-aged, ask themselves after a time.  Cialis has a long half-life, lasting most guys about 36 hours and so many men take it about three times a week and thus are covered virtually every day of the year.

Then the unthinkable happens:  they forget their prescription or maybe the prescription ran out.  This is when it gets terrifying for some men, because they find themselves having great difficulty getting an erection without their little yellow friend.  They then make the assumption:  no Cialis, no erections.

Most docs are no help and imply or directly tell their male patients with erectile dysfunction that losing one’s erectile strength is just a normal part of aging. The typical male walks out of the office thinking, “This pill is my only solution.”  Plus, let’s face it:  taking Cialis is SO easy.  You just pop a pill a few times of week and you’re rockin’ and rollin’

However, as time goes on, you may start to get headaches, or a little tinnitis or some visual issues. The nagging thought as to what these drugs are doing to you long term bothers you. You’ve read enough to know that no drug comes without side effects and you are beginning to have doubts as to the wisdom of taking these every day.

In addition, the research clearly shows that many men develop Cialis and Viagra Resistance.  This means that dosage for this drugs must be increased over time, because their effectiveness steadily decreases.

NOTE:  You may want to read my pages on the Dangers of Cialis or The Many Side Effects of PDE5 Inhibitors for additional information as well.

Regardless, there is a much more subtle reason to get off of Cialis (or Viagra):  it can hide major underlying health issues. If you can’t get an erection, there is almost always a reason and it is usually cardiovascular or low testosterone or both. These are not things that you want to sweep under the rug with a little pill that suddenly makes everything seem better.

Does taking that little pill magically clear the plaque out of your arteries?  Or does it miraculously get rid of the excessive inflammation that is damaging your endothelium hour-by-hour and day-by-day?  Of course, the answer is ‘no’ and so that is why I outline a program below for those of you who want to try to get off the juice.

CAUTION:  Please clear everything with your doctor first.

Get ready for a battle!  This is going to be one of the toughest things you’ve ever done.  Anything that risks your bedroom performance can be terrifying. But remember that this is fight

1.  Gradual Dose Reduction. Cut back on your Cialis dosage gradually.  If you are currently taking 20 mg every other day, then start by backing off to 15 mg, then 10 mg, then 5, etc.

2.  Exercise.  Exercise is a huge nitric oxide booster and blood pressure lowerer. Exercise throughout the day. Exercise several times per day.  Don’t kid yourself:  20 minutes per day isn’t going to cut it unless your job is very physically active.  You will be shocked at how much of a difference this makes.

3.  Saturated Fat.  Unless you’re exercising like an Olympic athlete, you’ve got to reduce saturated fat to almost nothing. For the great majority of middle-aged men, saturated fat will slow down blood flow and damage their endothelium even further.  Read my link on Why Saturated Fat Can Be Bad for Men for more details.

4.  Largely Plant-Based Diet.  You need to go on a flexitarian, vegan, vegetarian, Low Fat (Ornish) Diet or some other plant-based diet.  Plant-based foods are what heal and stimulate your endothelium. You can, of course, also read my eBook called the Peak Erectile Strength Diet for foods that specifically stimulate blood flow and I also explain the latest research showing how and why plant foods are so powerful for erections. (I am not a “tree hugger.”  I’m just pointing out what the research shows.)

4.  OPTIONAL: Short Term Supplementation.  If necessary, consider short term supplementation. I do not recommend most supplements long term, but they may be necessary to get you over the hump – no pun intended of course.  I have a link covering Erectile Dysfunction Supplements with some research behind them.  In addition, I have an eBook that covers some of the new research in this area Peak Erectile Strength Diet, i.e. taking more than one erectile supplement to get additive boosts in nitric oxide and erectile strength. (This is the latter half of the book.)

5.  Daily Erections.  If you’re not getting morning erectionss, you must force yourself to get erections.  Somehow, someway this has got to happen for your penile tissue to stay healthy and not harden or atrophy.  You need to essentially do what morning erections do:  build an erection that lasts for 10-20 minutes 2-3 times per day.

6. Testosterone. Get your testosterone checked if you have not already. Anyone with erectile difficulties should double check their testosterone, especially if they are having any of the classic Low Testosterone Symptoms.

Finally, build your confidence by checking for erectile strength. You’ve got to be confident that you can “pull the trigger” in the bedroom.  Avoid sex late at night when your are fatigued and testosterone is lower, i.e. be careful not to set yourself for failure.

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