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Depression Symptoms

This will sound strange, but a lot of people don t even realize that they are depressed, especially if they have a mild to moderate case. But any kind of long term depression is something to be concerned about as it can negatively impact your hormones, sleep, sex life and brain function. Depression is extremely hard on the body and mind and many people unwittingly let it go on and on and on. Depression, among other things, can literally shrink the brain and destroy neurons due to elevated cortisol levels.

So how do you recognize if you have depression? Well, some of the symptoms are quite well-know and are almost synonymous with depression: lethargy, indifference, sadness, thoughts of suicide and oversleeping for example. However, some symptoms are much more subtle:

1. Whole Body Pain. True depression usually hurts it is much, much more than just feeling a little blue. Talk to someone with clinical depression and they will tell you it is hell and they mean physically. Often joints, muscles in fact everything! hurts.

2. Chronic Fatigue. Many depressed individuals feel tired all the time. I am not implying the depression and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are in any way synonymous. But a large percentage of depressed people have almost no energy.

3. Decreased Appetite. During depression many people lose desire for just about everything, including the will to eat.

4. Headaches. For reasons that are not really understood, depression is often associated with headaches, including migraine.

5. Chest, Back and Stomach Pain. Depression can make you feel like you have angina, an ulcer or a herniated disk. In other words, sometimes you have the chronic, whole body pain and sometimes it is much more acute and localized. Again, depression hurts!

There are other symptoms that are also very common including lapses of crying, crankiness, low libido, inability to sleep and difficulty concentrating. If you know someone that is depressed, then I encourage you to gently start to encourage them to get hold. Again, there can be many organic reasons for Depression as well, including a all-too-common deficiency of folic acid or a low functioning thyoid. So please read this link on How to Significantly Help Depression and discuss with your doctor if this is an issue for you or a loved one.

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