The Extreme Dangers of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is something to be taken very, very seriously.  And, no, not just because it takes the life out of your sex life.  Erectile Dysfunction is almost always a warning shot over your bow, a warning of impending heart disease.  In other words, if you do not take care of your erectile dysfunction now, you almost for sure have a life of angina, angioplasties and MIs just around the corner.

What is tragic is that so many doctors treat erectile dysfunction as if it is purely psychological.  How many guys have walked out of a physician’s office with the idea planted in his mind that it must “all be in his head”.

Well, if you have few to no morning erections and difficulty even getting or staying erect, you do not need some Ph. D. to imply that it is all in your mind:  you know different.  And the reason is simple:  the veins and arteries in the penis are smaller than those in the heart area and thus tend to have trouble first.  And problems downstairs are “non-ignorable” for us guys, because it effects our sex life.  We will limp along with half clogged arteries that are blocking circulation to our brains and legs, but if the ol’ penis is affected we take notice immediately!

But in some ways we should be thankful.  For many of you erectile dysfunction is going to give you a second chance on life so that hopefully a heart attack will not suddenly kill you in five to ten years. By the way, I am not exagerrating to make a point:  one study found that erectile dysfunction preceded cardiovascular events by five years on average. [1]

Let me put that in plain terms:  you guys out there with erectile dysfunction have five years, on average, to straighten yourself out physically or there is a freight train coming your way.  And remember that five years was the middle point – it could be much less.  Are you going to gamble with your future?

NOTE:  For more information, see my page on How Arterial Plaque Is The Number One Factor in Most Erectile Dysfunction.

Furthermore, one study found that “that a single question on erectile rigidity proved to be a predictor for the combined outcome of acute MI, stroke and sudden death”. [2] In other words, men were given a questionaire about erectile function and if they answered a problem on just ONE of those problems, it strongly predicted some of the nastiest things that can happen to a human including heart attack, dying instantly and a clot damaging (usually) the brain.

So don’t think that just because your erectile dysfunction is “mild” that you can avoid the consequences.

Another study “showed [that] men with a history of ED had a 40% greater risk of subsequently developing CVD over the seven-year course of the study than those with normal erectile function.” [3] Yet another study found a 26% and 43% increase in all-cause and cardiovascular mortality rates, respectively. [4] And this was after adjusting for “age, body mass index, alcohol consumption, physical activity, cigarette smoking, self-assessed health, and self-reported heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.”  In other words, erectile dysfunction was found to be a potential death warrant  not just because the underlying population was “diseased” or “sickly.”

In fairness to the doctors who still believe erectile dysfuntion is still “all in one’s head”, these discoveries are relatively new.  But in the last few years, the results are unequivocal:  there is a reason that you are not getting your morning erections and that reason is important to listen to.

So what’s a fella to do?  Are you supposed to just give up and die and let the clock tick down until your time is up?  Of course not.  Below I give you the top links that can save your erections AND your heart and your life.

1)  Low Fat Diet.  A Low Fat Diet can actually reverse heart disease and that means reversing the plaque that has built up in the veins and arteries of your penis.

2) I have a link called Sexercise and for good reason:  exercise can give you your sex life back!

3) Please read this link on Improving Your Erectile Dysfunction. It has many research-proven ideas to help your heart and penis.

4) Finally, you need to learn the dangers of InflammationMetabolic SyndromeHigh Blood Pressure and being Overweight – these are all strongly correlated with heart disease.


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