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Supplements – Five Erectile Supplements with a Solid Track Records

One thing that I find rather shocking is that most guys experiencing a decline in bedroom performance generally have no idea that there are erectile supplements with solid research behind them and a good safety profile as well. Most males turn immediately to the PDE5 Inhibitors, Cialis, Levitra and Viagra, without even considering that there are much less expensive alternatives available that, in some cases, have been used by men effectively for decades or even centuries.

The potential tragedy of this is that PDE5 Inhibitors such as Cialis and Levitra are full of side effects and it is highly questionable that these can be used for decades without some sort of negative lasting effects.  (See my link on The Side Effects of PDE5 Inhibitors for more details, especially regarding how PDE5 inhibitors often effect the eyes, ears and stomach.)

Science has shown us many inexpensive supplements that can help improve erectile dysfunction and significantly eliminate impotence very quickly, within a matter of a week or two in some cases. Furthermore, some of these supplements increase libido and my give a little boost to testosterone as well.

NOTE:  If you have any medical condition or are on any medication, check with a doctor before taking a supplement.  Also, for potential side effect, please go to any links mentioned below which have a more detailed information page. I also recommend implementing one new supplement per two weeks and not all at once.

1) L-Citrulline.  Citrulline is the new wonder supplement on the block. The beauty of Citrulline is that even small amounts will increase baseline nitric oxide levels, especially in men with endothelial dysfunction. This is absolutely critical, because most middle-aged and beyond men with erection-related issues are in this catgory. Viagra and Cialis often will not work for them, because they simply do not have enough nitric oxide produced by their arteries and vessels for these medications to act upon.

For this reason many men seem to be finding Citrulline downright miraculous, restoring morning and/or daytime erections. Furthermore, there is now a study showing that this supplement significantly increases hardness factor for many men with erectile dysfunction. L-Citrulline is typically sold in 1 gram tablets and men will take 1-2 grams daily: Source Naturals L-Citrulline 1000mg. (I would not take more than that.) For more information, see this link on The Benefits of L-Citrulline.

2) Pycnogenol. Pycnogenol is a proprietary extract of a French maritime pine bark extract, whose remarkable powers have been known for over a century.  Pycnogenol has been shown to stimulate the enzyme nitric oxide synthase (NOS) [15] which in turn stimulates Nitric Oxide production. Furthermore, research shows, which I document in my link on Pycnogenol and Erectile Dysfunction, that it is a supplement, when coupled with L-Arginine, that improves erectile strength and heals erectile dysfunction in around 75% of guys!

This is an incredible track record if you stop and think about it and, furthermore, the studies show no side effects.  What a contrast with Viagra and Cialis!

You can do what was done in the studies by taking between about 50-150 mg of Pycnogenol, such as TwinLabs Pycnogenol Capsules, 50 Mg, 60-Count Bottle, along with about 1.5 grams daily of L-Arginine per L-Arginine (500mg).  This is much less expensive than any of the PDE5 inhibitors and, again, there have been no reported side effects in any of the studies. [29]

Research has shown that pycnogenol also lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), raises good cholesterol (HDL), decreases inflammation and lowers blood pressure, which will very likely protect a guy from future erectile dysfunction as well. (High blood pressure and inflammation are both major risk factors for erectile dysfunction.) [4]

3) Korean Ginseng. Ginseng has been one of the big guns in erectile research and has a fairly established track record.  In facit, it has been used literally for centuries. It’s (generally) potent sexual powers come from its abilities to directly boost nitric oxide, a fact that has been verified in multiple animal and human studies. Furthermore, several studies have showed that it actually helps with erectile dysfunction.  And, as I document in my link on Ginseng and Erectile Strength, it improved the sex life of almost two thirds of men directly.  It is also a libido booster and in some cases may boost testosterone as well.  Some Ginseng brands are careless and have been found to be contaminated with lead and/or pesticides. Solgar, however, sells a Korean Ginseng that passed on all accounts in recent Consumer Labs testing: Solgar – Korean Ginseng Root Extract, 60 veggie caps. (It can thin the blood a little: discuss with your doctor.)

4) Maca. Maca is not actually a direct erectile supplement, but I mention it here, because it has many studies (animal and human) that show it is agood, old fashioned – and legitimate – aphrodisiac. It probably doesn’t directly improve erectile dysfunction or cure impotence, but is a good bedroom buddy nonetheless. Many guys struggle with passion and desire and this is where Maca excels.  It also has the advantage of being consumed as a food for decades in South America and thus has a strong safety record.  The “gold standard” brand is Navitas Organic “Gelatinized” Maca. Find out more detail in my Maca Link as well.

Research has shown that pycnogenol also lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), raises good cholesterol (HDL), decreases inflammation and lowers blood pressure, which will very likely protect a guy from future erectile dysfunction as well. (High blood pressure and inflammation are both major risk factors for erectile dysfunction.) [4]

5) Neo40. One of the new kids on the block is Neo-40, the creation of one of the top nitric oxide researchers in the world.  The approach of Neo40 [Daily 30 Lozenges] – Nitric Oxide Supplement is really fairly simple and is based on utilizing two different metabolic pathways via L-Citrulline and a Hawthorn Berry Extract for nitrate/nitrite production. You can read more about here in my Interview with Neo40 Founder Nathan Bryan.

6) Beet Root Extract.  One of the things that I emphasize in my book, The Peak Erectile Strength Diet, is that you can boost through foods nitric oxide and blood flow.  One of the keys to this strategy is to consume plant-based foods heavy in nitrates. One of the food highest in nitrate content are beets and scientist have discovered scores of benefits from consuming beetroot juice because of it. For example, there are several studies that show beetroot juice can improve exercise performance.  (See my link on Beetroot Juice for details.)

Beetroot Extract has also done very well in the studies, particularly in the area of fighting cancer interestingly enough. The good news is that jt is dirt cheap and should boost nitric oxide a little as well for beleaguered middle-aged and senior men everywhere: Nature’s Way Beet Root Powder Capsules.

7) Icariin Extact. Icariin, the chief phytochemical in Horny Goat Weed, gives this herb its erectile superpowers.  Viagra and Cialis are PDE5 Inhibitors and Icariin is one as well.  It is significantly less powerful than Viagra and Cialis but the 10+% extracts give a significant dosage and generally with many less side effects.  Icariin also has antioxidant and other properties that seem to give it actual healing properties. Many men have had excellent results with products such as Source Naturals Horny Goat Weed Extract (Epimedium) 1000mg, which has 10% Icariin. For additional information, see this link on Icariin for more information.

8) CoQ10.  CoQ10 has many excellent properties and has been extensively studied.  It is well-known for its mitochondrial protective powers and is used in alternative medicine for a variety of conditions, including gum disease.  But what few men know is that it helps the body preserve nitric oxide and, yes, that has been shown in several studies to increase blood flow. The benefit is mostly for those men 40 and older and especially those with endothelial dysfunction.

9) Fish Oil.  Fish Oil is not directly an erectile supplement, but I mention it here becuase one European study found that it helped endothelial function and nitric oxide output (in diabetic patients) and that is just what the doctor ordered. [14] Yet another study found that fish oil increased the elasticity of arteries, i.e. their “expandability”. [26] Yes, we males want nice expandable blood vessels that allow blood to flow into the penis. Fish oil also protects against inflammation, a huge erection-fighter, and triglycerides, which will clog up penile arteries faster than you can say, “Pass the bacon.”  It may even optimize free testosterone while it’s at it!  For more information about fish and fish oil and how it benefits the heart and penis, please read The Many Benefits of Fish and Fish Oil here. CAUTION.: It’s very easy to buy rancid fish oil, which will do more harm than good, and fish can have mercury and PCB’s. Read my link on Fish and Fish Oil for how to consume your omega-3’s safely.

CAUTION: Gingko.  Gingko, like Pycnogenol, strengthens the activity of Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS), making it a viable erectile dysfunction supplement. [16] Furthermore, animal studies have shown that Gingko relaxes in a dose-dependent fashion arteries, including those all-important ones supplying blood to the penis.[17] Direct evidence that Gingko improves erectile dysfunction and impotence in a significant way is still lacking, but any herb that increases Nitric Oxide will help males struggling in this area. (This is an herb can be purchased inexpensively even in places like Wal Mart.)  NOTE:  Gingko Biloba is often tauted as improving erections in men with erectile dysfunction that had resulted from taking antidepressants.  However, the studies have actually shown mixed results in this area.  CAUTION:  Care should be exercised with this supplement as Gingko thins the blood and has several drug interactions including NSAIDs and anticoagulants.


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