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Fast Food and Excitotoxins

I don’t get scared very easily, but when I got the “allergy menu” from a waitress at a Denny’s, I wanted to hide under my mattress and never eat out again.  The “allergy menu” was a list that Denny provides of menu items that contain various things that cause allergies.  Of course, Denny’s is living back in the 80’s with an outdated viewpoint that the only issue that MSG, or monosodium glutamate, causes is allergies, which is why it is on its allergy menu.

Of course, this is a naive way to look at things and God only know how many hypothalmuses their policies have whacked.  Look at the items below and think of some poor mother unwittingly feeding her one or two year old a good dose of neuron killing excitotoxins, thinking that she is doing the opposite and treating her family to a nice, down home meal [1]:

Marinara sauce, sausage links (breakfast), chicken noodle soup, clam chowder soup, vegetable beef soup, country fried steak, croutons, caesar dressing, fat free ranch dressing, regular ranch dressing, brown gravy, turkey gravy and mozzeralla cheese sticks.

And what a potential: you go in to order something that you think is healthy, like a salad or pasta with marinara sauce, only to get a nice dose of brain busting excitotoxins heaped onto your plate. This is the picture of irresponsibility that plagues the food industry. Simply to add a little flavor enhancement, they will put our craniums at risk!

By the way, it is not just Denny’s:  most of the fast food and restaurant chains do the same thing.  It is a crapshoot as to whether or not you can avoid MSG.  Another example is Burger King. I have often ordered a Veggie Burger thinking that I am partaking of something semi-health only to find out that it is laden with monosodium glutamate. In fact, Burger King apparently goes to great lengths to load these patties with almost every form imaginable of MSG including “Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), Calcium Caseinate, Hydrolyzed Corn, Soy, and Wheat Protein, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Natural Flavors”! [2] I should have known better than to trust my health to a fast food corporation, but at least I won’t make the same mistake again.

Other Burger Kind items that include monosodium glutamate are “BREADED ORIGINAL CHICKEN PATTY (Fried), SPICY CHICK N CRISP PATTY, Breaded TENDERCRISP Chicken Filet (Fried Whole Muscle Breast), CHICKEN FRIES (Fried), Crown Shaped CHICKEN TENDERS (Fried),GE (Fried), TENDERGRILL CHICKEN FILET, GARLIC PARMESAN CROUTONS – SALAD TOPPINGS, LOADED POTATO Topping (for Steakhouse Burger), SMOKY CHEESE SAUCE, BISCUIT, CROISSANT”. [2]

And you wonder why you have low testosterone and erectile dysfunction?  Welcome to the world of food engineered excitotoxins!

NOTE:  Do you feel like crap and don’t know why?  You may have Excitotoxin Syndrome.  If so, please read about it here.


1) Denny’s Allergens and Sulfites Nutrtional Information sheet, received in the store 5/26/2009.


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