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Female Libido: Looks

All us guys have marveled at some gorgeous females walking with the most pathetic looking of guys. But, in spite of such anomalies, I can assure you of something: females do care about looks. If fact, let me put it another way: females are sexually stimulated by looks.

David Buss, one of the leading researchers in the field, recently did a huge survey of 37 cultures. He found that on a scale of 0.0 to 3.0, looks were only 0.5 less important for women than men. And we all know how important this is for us guys. This is universal, by the way: women in the USA, Germany and Mainland China ranked looks as 2.1, 1.8 and 2.2, respectively for example. [1] Looks are important to women and you can ignore it at your own peril.

In fact, many guys would be shocked to find out what women look at when shown erotic imagery.  One study showed that men concentrated on the face of the females in the images but females concentrated on the men’s genitalia! [2] So, while you’re politely looking at her face, she is checking out your body and your packaging!  I’m sure that surprised more than one of the researchers.  Yes, your body matters to the female in your life.

I can hear all the objections now. Women only care about money and females are not visually stimulated . Well, sorry, but the research says the opposite. Yes, money is important to females many studies bear that out.  (And it’s not important to us guys?!?) And, perhaps one can aruge that women are not as visually stimulated as males. Nevertheless, they are visually stimulated to a high degree and this is another key to the female libido.

This is further verified by the huge numbers of women on the net looking at porn.  Nielsen – and these guys know their demographics – say that one third of all adult web site visitors are women. [3]  And Hustler has stated that a little over half of all their adult sales come from women. [3]

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The truth is that many of us guys like to think that looks don t matter to women, because we want to let ourselves go. We like to think that no matter how overweight, wrinkled, out of shape and flabby we are that it really doesn t matter. And then when the woman in our life isn’t interested in sex, we like to invoke the next big excuse, Women just don t have a libido.

The real truth is that most women have a good libido and if her interest isn t there, you may be partially or even mostly to blame. If she s less interested in sex these days, could it maybe be that paunch, the flat butt, the man boobs or the deep facial wrinkles?? Of course, it could!

Yes, she probably tells you that you re a hunk if you ve got a big gut for example, but we both know women are notoriously polite. You will be surprised at what a difference it makes and the comments you will get from her as you drop that gut, get some abs and muscle and take care of your skin.

And that s one of the messages of Peak Testosterone: you don t have to resign yourself to physical deterioration. You don t have to be overweight, look like Yoda or or walk around half dead. So please read my links on How to Lose Weight, on Improving Your Skin and Building Muscle Mass and increase her libido by making yourself look like you did back in high school or college.

Seriously, my body is better than it was in college: I ve got more muscle and more strength by almost any measure. Yes, I ve got a few more wrinkles, my skin has a few more sags and I definitely have less hair. But I still look dang good, thank you, for a guy just shy of a half century. You can easily do the same thing. In fact, it will probably be even easier for you, because I m a Skinny Bastard body type.

And, please, don t give me the objection: Well, my wife is forty pounds overweight! Why should I worry about her libido? Trust me the great majority of women will be highly motivated if you are highly motivated.

NEWS FLASH:  My theories were recently verified by a study that had women rating men for attractiveness.  However, unbeknownst to the women, the men’s body fat levels were measured before the experiment.  Other studies have suggested that females are primarily attracted to “masculine”, “testosterone-related” features such as a strong jawline.  The researchers found that what was significantly more important to the women was the man’s thinness. [4]  In other words, women are much more attracted to those abs than any other feature. Yes, get working!

Start taking off the pounds and adding the muscle and you will be surprised how she comes around. You don t need to say much of anything. Let your actions speak. And she almost for sure will come around just be patient.

So it s time to drink from the Fountain of Youth. It’s time to get harder, leaner, stronger.  Read around on this site and you ll see the latest research of everything from Libido to Cosmetic Surgery find out how to get back on track and enjoy yourself while you re at it


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4) 11/28/what-women-want-in-a-man_n_2206231.html

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