Fructose, Heart Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

A carb is a carb, right?  Well, maybe in terms of their calories content, but, in reality, there are actually "good carbs" and "bad carbs".  In fact, fructose might better be characterized as "consummate evil carbs" instead.  One of the reasons is that fructose will quickly lead you down the road of heart disease and erectile dysfunction. You middle aged guys:  meet thy enemy.

I have already covered How Fructose Defeats Weight Loss.  Now it time to look at what it does to your arteries and penis while it fattens you up like a pig for the slaughter.  Studies on both humans and animals show that fructose consumption increases triglycerides and LDL (bad cholesterol) and decreases HDL (good cholesterol). [1] All of these are major risk factors for heart disease and will eventually clog up the arteries supplying blood to your penis.

Fructose also raises uric acid levels in the body, another risk factor for heart disease and cardiovascular issues. Some researchers do not consider uric acid to be an independent risk factor for heart disease.  But there are many, many studies which show uric acid is linked to heart disease:  science just cannot decide if it is a chicken or egg sort of thing.  This had been established by so many studies that I recommend you simply look up this Medscape Link on Uric Acid and Heart Disease. This summary clearly states that "raised serum uric acid in both men and women was associated with significantly higher risk of all-cause, CV disease, and ischemic heart disease mortality". One well-known JAMA study concluded "Our data suggest that increased serum uric acid levels are independently and significantly associated with risk of cardiovascular mortality." [2] In other words, uric acid is a Natural Born Killer.  (NOTE:  One large study did not find uric acid to be related to heart disease was an examination of the famed Framington data. [3])

But I ask the question, "Does it really matter how fructose is going to maim, kill and destroy?"  The important thing is that it does and then to avoid it.  Consider this experiment [4] where they took 40 sexually mature rats and fed them a 10% fructose solution in order to induce hyperlipidemia.  That's a fancy word for the nasty condition that plagues those in modern societies where they're lipid profile, i.e. the various cholesterol readings, are completely out of whack.  In other words, researcher know that fructose is a great way to induce the nastiest of all cardiovascular environments and yet so many of us consume fructose in great quantities with no fear?

I think a better name for fructose would be Pure Penis Poison:  it is simply that bad.  Of course, if you just have the small amount that is in fruits, you are very unlikely to have an issue.  But if you are consuming significantly quantities through table sugar and corn syrup, half of which is digested into fructose, you will undoubtedly greatly increase your likelihood of Metabolic Syndrome, a common risk factor tied into the epidemics of cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction that affect so many men middle aged and beyond. [5]

Part of reason for fructose's destructive force is that it is almost entirely metabolized in the liver, where it is easily converted to artery-killing triglycerides.  Just as bad, the liver requires large amounts to Nitric Oxide to form the uric acid and so the body can easily become depleted of Nitric Oxide.  And I don't need to tell Peak Testosterone readers that Nitric Oxide is the stuff of erections:  you don't want to do anything that will tamper with this all-important chemical.

And that's why I say fructose is Pure Penis Poison:  it simultaneously helps clog your arteries, thus leading to long term impotence, all the while it is robbing your tissues of Nitric Oxide, potentially leading to an immediate loss of erectile strength.

Does it get any uglier than that for your sex life?

WARNING:  Fructose has been linked with pancreatic cancer and researchers recently discovered the likely reason why: cancer cells feed off of fructose in order to spread and multiply. Glucose is used by cancer cells for survival but fructose to proliferate. [6]


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