The G Spot Shot

What if there was a way to insure that your woman achieved a vaginal orgasm almost every time you had sexual intercourse?  Do you think that would increase your likelihood of having sex?  Well, the answer to that question is probably not a straightforward answer as human sexuality is a rather involved and even complex subject.  However, one thing we can say:  us guys need everything we can in our favor, eh?  (Again, sex is good for you because it 1) increases testosterone, 2) improves erectile dysfunction, 3) helps you sleep better and even 4) lowers stress hormones.)

Many women struggle with achieving orgasm through sexual intercourse in the first place.  Some guys seem to be doing “everything right”, for example, yet the woman still cannot achieve a vaginal orgasm. As it turns out, all of this matches the research which indicates that some of the root cause may be organic or physical.  First of all, you should read this link on The Basics of the G Spot since, among other things, a small percentage of women may not even have a true G Spot. Secondly, some practioners assert that the G Spot may be somewhat out of reach in some women and/or actually move to a less accessible position with aging, childbirth and so on.

NOTE:  Another factor is the “C-V distance”, or Clitoral-Vaginal distance. Having a clitoral-vaginal distance of less than 2.5 cm is associated with a significantly higher rate of vaginal orgasms for example.

The G Spot, as you may or may not know, is located on the front wall of the vagina, i.e. not the side facing the spine.  Furthermore, its location is beyond the pubic bone and, apparently, in some women it can be somewhat hidden behind the same. In addition, some sexologists report that vaginal orgasm can become easier as a woman ages and attribute this to the thinning of the vaginal walls that occurs with the passing years.  This implies that, at least in some women, the surface accessability of the G Spot is also an issue.

This is where the G Spot Shot, a.k.a G Spot Augmentation or G Spot Amplification, can come into play. The G Spot Shot is a relatively new procedure where collagen is directly injected into the G Spot – after a local anasthetic of course! – in order to literally raise the Spot and make it protrude more into the vagina.  The collagen will actually create a raised area along the vaginal wall the size of a quarter and a 1/4 inch thick.

For many women, this is sexual dynamite creating more powerful orgasms and more frequent orgasms.  By the way, this is quite remarkable considering that many researchers, who I would venture to say generally don’t have a vagina themselves, still assert there is no G Spot.  Again, see my link on the Controversial History of the G Spot for some interesting scientific cage fighting.

This procedure may grow in popularity as time goes on because it appears to be quite safe, although we don’t have long term results of course, and convenient.  The actual injection happens in seconds and the whole procedure generally takes less than ten minutes.  In fact, intercourse can occur within four hours of having the procedure.  And I’m sure you would be right there to help her test it out, eh?

The safety record also seems very good as collagen has been FDA-approved and used for injections into the vaginal area for many years.  NOTE:  The FDA has not yet approved collagen for G Spot Augmentation yet. Another plus is that the results also last for about four months, making trips to the doctors office relatively infrequent.

The primary negative at this point is cost:  the G Spot Shot costs about $1,500 – $1,800 per visit and so will be out of the reach of many couples.  We suspect that the primary reason for this is that there are relatively few G Spot Augmentation practitioners and thus costs may come down with time.

Another negative, undoubtedly, for many women is the fact that it does require the use of a specialized speculum – yes, of pap smear fame – to apply the collagen filler.  Furthermore, the doctor has to initially find the G Spot in order to know how far to build the device that is used to reach the injection site, a procedure which may cause many women to blush.

Regardless, the reviews seem to be very good and many women are reporting a whole new dimension to their sex lives after G Spot Augmentation.  There are no studies that I know documenting the procedure’s effectiveness, but it is still something that some couples may wish to consider.

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