The Greatest Enemies For Middle Aged (and Beyond) Males

The items below are some of the most common plagues for middle aged and beyond males. These are all our mortal enemies, trying to steal our health, vitality and in some case life itself from our existence. We do not have to succumb, though, and I show just what science has discovered about each:

  • Enemy #1: Estrogen
  • Enemy #2: Fat (Overweight)
  • Enemy #3: Prostate Cancer
  • Enemy #3: Prostate Cancer (and PSA) Reduction via Flaxseed
  • Enemy #4: Inflammation
  • Enemy #4: Inflammation and Juice
  • Enemy #4: Inflammation - Meet the Destroyer
  • Enemy #4: Inflammation and Erections
  • Enemy #5: Andropause
  • Enemy #6: Cancer
  • Enemy #7: TNF and How to Inhibit It Naturally
  • Enemy #8: High Insulin
  • Enemy #9: Adrenal Fatigue
  • Enemy #10: Depression
  • Pomegranate Extract: Protecting Against Every Enemy Known to Man