Fructose Information

Fructose is half of table sugar and almost everyone in a modern culture eats a lot of it. Every piece of cake, donut, Coke, and candy bar that you ingest pours huge amounts of fructose into your system, causing a cascade of nasty chemical, hormonal and metabolic responses. One researcher nicely summarized the perils by stating that "Fructose elevates triglycerides, cholesterol, uric acid, urea nitrogen and carnitine in blood [and] decreases glucose tolerance, increases insulin resistance and causes a shift in balance from oxidation to esterification of nonesterified fatty acids, resulting in elevated secretion of VLDL". [1]

Ouch! Short of kidnapping your family and torching your house, what worse things could something do to you? Look at that list: fructose raises most of the major markers for heart disease. Other studies have shown that fructose leads to atherosclerosis, which will be very bad for your penis. [2]

Every male should understand what makes fructose unique and why it is one of the worst foods for our sex lives:

  • Fructose: Aging Accelerator through AGEs
  • Fructose: Dosage and Safe Levels
  • Fructose and Erectile Dysfunction
  • Fructose and High Blood Pressure (See Item #11)
  • Fructose and Weight Loss



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