Self-Testing Summary Page

In today's frugal insurance environment, almost no one will receieve adequate testing. The current health care system, at least here in the U.S., is bloated and struggling financially. Doctors are looking for ways to eliminate testing rather than increase it. Of course, this is tragic, because testing prices have gone to unheard of basement values from the large respected labs and a mountain of new knowledge about what to do with one's test results has been pouring out of the laboratory.  Consider this:  my insurance will not cover a thyroid panel or hsCRP or me; I have to beg my doctor to pull estradiol even though I am on TRT; I never had prolactin, LH or FSH pulled when I was diagnosed hypogonadal - you get the idea.  The bottom line is that health care is very barebones, and no one is watchin out for you, except - you got it - you!

Below is some summary information on self-testing options.  Keep in mind that some of this will not apply to other countries, so you'll have to do your due diligence in your own homeland if you are outside the U.S. 


  • Inexpensive Labs for Testosterone and All the Common Tests
  • Unbelievable Stories Illustrating Why You Should Self-Test
  • Cheapest Testosterone Tests for Men
  • Some Common Tests That Men Pull
  • Tests Before HRT (Testosterone Therapy)
  • Tests After HRT (Testosterone Therapy)
  • What Are Normal Testosterone Levels For Your Age?
  • Dialy Testosterone Levels
  • Determine if You Are Hypogonadal
  • Measure Your Nitric Oxide (Nitrite) Levels from High Nitrate Foods
  • A1C: How I Lowered It Below 5.0
  • The Zinc Taste Tests - Pros and Cons
  • Measure Estradiol with Best Test
  • Free Testosterone Levels
  • DHEA Dosage and Target Levels
  • Cortisol: Test for Low or High Levels
  • DHT: What Are Ideal Target Levels?
  • PROSTATE CANCER: Game Changer - The 4Kscore for Tests for Advanced Prostate Cancer
  • HDL, LDL and Triglycerides Levels To Reverse Arterial Plaque
  • Homocsysteine Levels - Avoiding Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Disease
  • IMT: Measure and Monitor Your Arterial Plaque
  • LDL-P: Target Values for Plaque Control and Reversal
  • ApoB: A Cheap Alternative to LDL-P for Arterial Plaque Reversal
  • LDL-C: What Should Your LDL Levels Be?
  • Hair Testing Analysis for Men (It's Easy and Pretty Cheap!)
  • Hair Testing and Mercury (Example Provided)
  • STEP 2: How Can You Test for Insulin Resistance Easily at Home?
  • Ferritin: It Can Explain Fatigue, Anxiety, Lowered Libido and Low T