How to Find Something on Peak Testosterone

This site has grown to over 1,000 pages and well over a million words not including the content on the Peak Testosterone Forum. I quite often get (very smart) guys telling me they are overwhelmed by the amount of information and how to find anything. Of course, message taken and I have been working on "usability" and organization. However, I do want to point out that it is actually not as hard as one might think to find a subject on here. Below are four fairly easy ways that I believe will allow you to find most of what you are looking for:

1. Table of Contents.  The TOC is basically just the leftmost column on every page of my web site.  You'll see subjects ordered by popularity - not alphabetically for better or worse - and you can just click on a link and open up to see all the relevant pages on my site for that subject or area of interest.

2. The Search.  On the upper right of every page on my site is a Search link - powered by Google - that will allow you to type in a search for any subject that you want.  The Forum has a similar link in a similar location.

3. Super Google.  If all else fails, you can just go to Google and type in something like the following: testosterone cypionate dosage

4. Books.  If you want summaries on the subject of either testosterone / TRT or erectile strength, simply look at the rightmost column on my site, and you will see pics of my books that you can click on.

If all else fails, come join us on the Peak Testosterone Forum, and we will try to help you over there.