The Three Engines to Improve Testosterone Production

Improve Testosterone:
Can you really improve your testosterone levels?  Are there really natural ways to increase your body’s testosterone production?  The answer is “yes!” However, the engines of your testosterone production may surprise you.  For example, the answer is not through a little pill or supplement.  Tribulis, 6-OXO (before it was banned) and Zinc can help in some cases – see my link on How to Increase Testosterone – but are not the answer in all cases.  The reason is simple:  the FDA has pulled everything that pushes testosterone levels up into the controlled substance category.

The good news, though, is that there are there much more safe and reliable ways to dramatically improve your testosterone.  In fact, I call them the Big Three Ways to Improve Your Testosterone and, more importantly, almost every guy can increase his testosterone using these three:

1)  Sleep.  Remember this:  you don’t need pills, you need your pillow. Remember how mama used to put you on your bed and tell you it was good for you.  Well, mama was spot on with this one and it’s time to go back to your childhood – you’ll likely improve your testosterone levels by a good 20-30%.  Modern living leaves most of us watching TV late at night or sitting at our computers until the wee hours or a thousand other destractions that can keep us from significant testosterone improvement, around 30% or more according to some studies.  Read about How to Improve Your Testosterone through Sleep.

2) Competition. Science does not currently understand how the mind so dramatically effects testosterone levels, they just know it does. And that’s all you need to know as well. Metro just doesn’t work when it comes to testosterone:  as a guy you need challenges, victories and competition.  It doesn’t have to be cage fighting – almost anything will do. You can expect testosterone improvement of 20-30% or more.  Read here for How Mental Attitute Controls Testosterone.

3) Sex.  Now I’m not trying to tell anyone how to live their life, but it may be time to make up with the little woman. She may be the key to your testosterone production.  You heard that right – sex is a good way to improve your testosterone. Some of you have all but given up on the idea, but it may be time to ramp up the romance like the days of yore.  Read about How Sex Boosts Testosterone Dramatically.

I would also like to mention that there is really a fourth way if you’re not a weight lifter:  there is also significant evidence that you can Boost Your Testosterone through Weight Lifting.  However, the numbers are not quite as big as the above three, but it is definitely worth considering.  Be careful not to Overtrain however as that will devastate your testosterone.

So keep in mind that you may be able to forget the pills and the gels. Of course, first talk to your physician as low testosterone can cause many conditions from osteoporosis to anemia to Metabolic Syndrome, so it may be necessary to get treatment right away. Don’t take the easy way out unless you have to. Many males have given up on all three of the above items and yet these three are usually their most powerful engines of testosterone.  You can not expect to have abundant testosterone with these three on hold. Again, if you really want to improve your testosterone, it’s lifestyle that really counts!

However, it is important to note that typically one will see testosterone increases from the above items in the 25-50% range (if you are having issues in one or more of them of course).  This may not be enough to get you where you and your physician want you to be.

By the way, another biggee is weight loss:  men can experience a doubling or more of their testosterone in some cases simply by 1) resuming normal calories (when dieting) and/or 2) losing a significant amount of weight.

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