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Liquid Face Lift for Males

The best cosmetic procedures for males are ones with minimal downtime and loss of privacy.  Cosmetic procedures for guys are a rapidly growing part of the market, but still most men would rather keep it a deep, dark secret.  What would they say in the office, eh?  (I’ll tell you what the women would say:  they would applaud the fact that you look ten years younger!

The Liquid Face Lift is, by all these criterion, the perfect procedure for males. Men can come into the office on a Friday and be easily recovered by Monday.  And the results are generally very impressive and long-lasting: a good doctor can take a decade or more off of your appearance and some procedures last for about two years.

So how does it work?  It’s this easy:  the doc injects one of the new cosmetic fillers into various parts of your face to fill in wrinkles and sunken areas, typically in the cheeks, eye and mouth area.  Again, it sounds like a silly solution, but it works because so much of the facial aging process involves sagging, sunken skin. Inserting fillers into these areas simply raises skin to smooth out wrinkles and makes your face look less “hollowed out” and “saggy”. Almost every feature on the fact can be improved through fillers such as these.

And, perhaps most importantly, researchers have found that these fillers actually stimulate collagen synthesis.  Of course, collagen is the “backbone” of skin and boosting its production is one of the Holy Grails of facial anti-aging. What researchers at the University of Michigan found was that  in young people, fibroblasts, which produce the collegen, are stretched naturally.  However, this process is significantly reduced in older people and fillers help to stretch the fibroblasts resulting in more collagen production. [1] One study of seniors using Restylane showed just that. [2]

Results generally persist from 6 months to year depending on the procedures and filler used. The longer lasting fillers include injectables such as Radiesse, Artefille and Sculptra.  However, some may feel more secure with hyaluronic acid-based (Restylane and Juv derm) or collagen-based (CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast) fillers.

So why doesn’t everyone run out and get one of these liquid face lifts?  Cost is probably the primary reason, which generally runs in teh $3,000 to $6,000 range.  If you’ve got the money, they’re hard to beat for results, but let’s face it:  for most people, it means picking between a new face or a new car.

Still, the procedure is perfect of most males due to its private and incognito aspects.

CAUTION:  Although shorter lived, the hyaluronic acid and collagen fillers are part of our skin matrix and can be naturally reabsorbed into the body making any long term effects less likely.  The longer-lasting fillers are based on collagen and/or hyaluronic acid, but have additional, non-natural components added that have uncertain long term health effects. Cosmetic surgeons argue that results have been good and side effects rare, but we simply do not know what occurs from decades of use.



2) Archives of Dermatology, Feb. 2007, 143(2):155-163, In Vivo Stimulation of De Novo Collagen Production Caused by Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler Injections in Photodamaged Human Skin.

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