Lose Weight Gradually

Many of us guys have a simple philosophy in life:  “More is always better”.  And we apply it even to weight loss. Let’s face it:  dieting can be literally painful and so we just want to “get it over with”.  That’s when many of  push the pedal to the floor and try to lose weight rapidly.

I want to give you a few reasons why this is a bad idea – a very bad idea.  Losing weight is a grand and noble endeavor and I spend a lot of time on this site showing you just how hard those extra pounds are on your body and sex life.

If you are extremely overweight – it happens! – then you may need to lose weight fairly rapidly for health reasons.  Discuss with your doctor.  He can examine your physical results and let you know how urgent the situation is.  But, all of that said, keep in mind that losing weight rapidly can be every bit as hard on you as the pounds were in the first place and below I explain just why:

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1) Testosterone.  Rapid weight loss will annhiliate your testosterone and any reduction in testosterone will make weight loss that much harder since testosterone will help maintain your muscle mass.

2) Muscle.  If you lose weight too rapidly, you can very easily lose muscle as well, which again makes it harder for you to maintain your weight.

3) Uric Acid.  Rapid weight loss can lead to increased uric acid levels, a known risk factor for heart disease, and even kidney stones. [1]

4) Appetite.  The more you cut back on calories, the more gherlin is stimulated and gherlin is the appetite-stimulating hormone.  This is one of the reasons that dieters seldom keep the weight off after a year or two:  they are fighting against their body’s own appetite safety mechanisms.  And Mother Nature usually wins…



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