Check Out These Manly Drinks!

Okay, I love the taste of beer as much as the next guy.  But let’s start with a simple fact that I cover in my link on Beer and Your Hormones:  beer lowers testosterone and raises estrogen (estradiol).  Period. When I found that out, I started looking for some other beverages that were actually going to help me in the bedroom and improve my long term health as a male.

Let’s say it’s Friday night and I’m looking for a little amore. Wouldn’t I want to pull out a drink that is going to boost my nitric oxide levels and improve blood flow without negatively impacting my T and E2? That would be Viagra-in-a-bottle, would it not? Well, such drinks exist, but most men just do not know about them and so instead they pull out a hormone-hammering beer instead.

Below I am going to show you Five Blow Flow Boosting Beverages and, yes, you’ll thank me later:

1) Black Tea. Black tea has a great property: the more you drink, the more your blood pressure lowers according to the studies. [1] Yes, this means that the more you drink, the greater the blood flow, and more truly pumped you will be.  Now you don’t want to go crazy with black tea because of the tannins, which can reduce mineral absorption, and fluoride, which can be hard on the brain if too much is consumed.

2) Raw Unprocessed Cocoa.  Raw cocoa is one of the best drinks to turbocharge your sex life.  However, as with some other things, it tastes pretty nasty in its raw form. I cover this in my link on The Power of Raw Cocoa Powder. Many studies have shown the power of the flavonoids in raw cocal, but look at what just one researcher wrote:

“Cocoa can contain extraordinary concentrations of flavanols, a flavonoid subclass shown to activate nitric oxide synthase in vitro…Four days of flavanol-rich cocoa induced consistent and striking peripheral vasodilation.”  [2]

NEWS FLASH AND WARNING:  Consumer Labs recently found that many of the raw and retail cocoa powders are very high in cadmium. This was extremely disappointing to me as I found that the cocoa I had been consuming in order to improve my health was high in this very toxic heavy metal. Until the industry cleans up its act, I am putting cocoa purchases on hold myself. Consumer Labs has a few cocoas they do recommend, so you may want to read their analysis.

Now this is what I call a manly drink. Vasodilation means, of course, that it opens up your arteries, allowing more blood flow.  And this will mean more blood flow everywhere, including your brain, muscles and even penis.  Hard to beat that, eh?

You do have to watch out for one thing though:  the standard cocoa powder that you buy in the stores is NOT “flavonol rich”.  The reason?  Consumer and food product companies do to cocoa what they do best:  they boil the crap out of it until it is unrecognizeable and loses all of its health properties.  They do this to improve the taste and it works and make you happy.

But, if you want the benefits, you have to have it in its raw form.  This is something you can order off of Amazon or get at a health food store.  Again, see my link on Raw Cocoa Powder for more information.

3) Beetroot Juice. Researchers are all over beets and the reason is simple:  they are probably the highest nitrate-containing food readily available.  Recently, researchers have discovered that beets boost nitric oxide, lower various cardiovascular risk parameters and improve athletic performance.  Many elite and Olympic athletes are now using beet formulations before competition.  And you can use beets before your big event for increased performance if you know what I mean.

What makes high nitrate foods so special?  It turns out that they bypass the normal arginine cycle that boosts nitric oxide in healthy males.  The problem is that most of us are not healthy males:  we have significant arteriosclerosis, making it difficult for our arteries to pump out precious nitric oxide.  This leaves many of us struggling to achieve even low levels of nitric oxide.  Beets and other high nitrate foods are a dream-come-true for us and I cover this in my link on A Review of Beet the Odds. See also my link on The Power of Beetroot Juice. Get your beets for a few days and you will very likely notice a nice improvement in hardness factor, refractory period and other erectile parameters.

4) Smoothies with Nitrates. I mention this separately, because it is not just beets that are high nitrate. Many other foods, such as spinach, lettuce and celery have substantial nitrate content as well. You may have dissed your wife’s salad, not realizing that it packed with nitric oxide boosting nitrates.  Many men on the Peak Testosterone Forum have commented on the remarkable ability that daily Smoothies have on their sexual and general health. Try to go organic if you can and make this a part of your daily routine.

5) Pomegranate Juice. This powerhouse lowers just about every heart disease risk factor that you can think of. But it’s not just long term cardiovascular issues that it protects you from: it has same day coverage as well, boosting nitric oxide and blood flow right away. This juice is so powerful that one study shows that it can clear out arterial plaque in some men. Imagine a drink that cleans out your artieries while you’re busy doing more important things, oh Weekend Warrior. Manly, yes, and you can read more about it in my link on

One forum member attributed getting his morning erections back primarily to drinking smoothies twice a day. [3] He said he got the equivalent of eight servings of fruits and vegetables by doing this. “About a month and a half ago I started drinking about a quart of green smoothie every day. About 1/3 to 1/2 fruit (berries, apple, banana, peaches – whatever), a little juice, and the rest greens (kale, romaine, spinach, chard, broccoli – whatever).” Not bad for just a few minutes of work, eh?

And, most importantly, give it your woman also!  It will pump up her nitric oxide, and, yes, her sexual health and general health is very dependent on nitric oxide just like you, something I discuss in my link on Female Libido and Viagra.

There are many other Manly Drinks (and foods) that can help you in a similar manner, but it is too lengthy to cover in one web page. I have place these in my book for those interested. The important thing is to get started: put down the beer and pick up something that is really going to help you.


1) J Hypertens, 2009 Apr, 27(4):774-81, “Black tea consumption dose-dependently improves flow-mediated dilation in healthy males”

2) Journal of Hypertension, Dec 2003, 21(12):2281-2286, “Flavanol-rich cocoa induces nitric-oxide-dependent vasodilation in healthy humans”


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