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Neo40: An Interview with Dr. Nathan Bryan

If you’ve been on the internet lately, at least here in the U.S., you’ve likely seen an add for a new supplement called Neo40 Daily – Nitric Oxide Supplement. Noe40 is one of the hotter supplements right now and holds tremendous promise for cardiovascular and endothelial health. Neo40 was designed from start to finish to boost nitric oxide in a healthy and natural manner.

It’s co-founder and co-designer, Dr. Nathan Bryan, is one of the foremost nitric oxide gurus on planet earth. In the last three years alone, his name can be found on over a dozen nitric oxide-related studies and he is front and center in developing natural solutions to the age-related decline in this precious compound.

Many men have now used it as a complementary treatment for help with high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction – talk to your doctor first of course since it is only billed as nitric oxide booster – and the consensus seems to be that it provides some relief.  Dr. Bryan graciously granted an interview with Peak Testosterone about Neo40 Daily and other related issues that should be of interest to every middle-aged and beyond male.  Here are his responses to my questions about Neo40, nitric oxide and future treatment of erectile dysfunction:

A. The dietary supplement consumer and market response to Neo40 has been overwhelmingly positive. From our clinical trial, 80% of the patients getting the Neo40 responded as having more energy. This has been a consistent response from our customers as well. We also hear testimonies of better mental acuity and focus, better endurance and performance during workouts, reduction in blood pressure from people with high blood pressure and a surprising response indicating better sexual performance in both men and women.

Q. It seems clear that Neo40 has some strong triglyceride-lowering properties. Is this from the increased nitric oxide levels or some other mechanism?

A. It is not clear to us what is exactly responsible for the drop in triglycerides. There is some published literature showing that hawthorn berry leads to reduction in triglycerides so may simply be a dietary supplement effect of the hawthorn in the Neo40. There might however be a link to NO production since NO has been shown to affect PPAR-gamma signaling and lead to change in fat metabolism. Regardless, a reduction in triglycerides is very important in modifying cardiovascular risk.

Q. It would seem to me that the improvements to C-Reactive protein, triglycerides, blood pressure and nitric oxide make this a strong contender for cardiovascular patients. Do you plan on broadening clinical trials to examine heart-related outcomes?

A. The basis for my research over the past 10 years has been directed towards cardiovascular disease. The discoveries and design of the Neo40 is based on improving cardiovascular health. We have a number of trials in the planning phase that are designed to investigate the effects of Neo40 on coronary blood flow in patients with coronary artery disease and to determine the effects of Neo40 on endothelial function. In time, we will mobilize the resources to do a large scale study on heart attack and stroke, but typically these types of trials are very expensive and take many years to complete. However the data we have published to date on modifying cardiovascular risk in patients over 40 years of age is quite impressive, especially for a dietary supplement.

Q. Where do you see the whole erectile dysfunction industry heading? Do you see natural solutions as one day completely replacing the need for the traditional drugs, such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra?

A. The medical community now recognizes and appreciates that erectile dysfunction (ED) is really the first sign of vascular problems and conditions of NO insufficiency. Years ago when it was still taboo to discuss sexual dysfunction, typically the first signs of cardiovascular disease came in the form of a heart attack or stroke. Really at that point, it is too late to change the course of events. Now that ED is considered a medical condition, it is openly discussed between doctors and their patients.

ED is a symptom of endothelial dysfunction. Endothelial dysfunction is defined as the inability to produce NO in response to normal stimuli. Endothelial cells line every single blood vessel in our body, whether that is the blood vessel supplying the penis or clitoris or the heart. Therefore, the same endothelial dysfunction that occurs in the penis for ED is also occurring in the heart which may be a sign of poor coronary circulation and the onset and progression of cardiovascular disease. Since endothelial or erectile dysfunction is really an early stage for cardiovascular dysfunction, this gives doctors and scientists an opportunity to recognize at risk patients and take pro-active steps to address endothelial dysfunction and hopefully prevent the progression of cardiovascular disease.

Drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra were first developed and tested as heart medications. I think that if you can correct endothelial dysfunction by assisting the body to restore normal vascular function and NO production, one can reverse ED. So rather than treating ED, if you take the approach of treating the underlying vascular problem, which occurs in every organ system, then the ED will correct itself.

Q. Would consuming higher nitrate and other nitric-oxide boosting foods possibly accelerate Neo40 s effectiveness?

A. Yes. It is well recognized for many years that green leafy vegetables in particular are cardioprotective and beneficial for you. These effects are now recognized to be due to their nitrate content which can be reduced to nitric oxide by a series of metabolic steps that require bacteria in your mouth and gut and in part, cellular systems in mammals. Eating foods rich in nitrate and antioxidants can provide a source of nitric oxide in the body and will certainly enhance the effects of a dietary supplement like Neo40.

Q. If someone takes Neo40 to improve their erectile strength or hardness factor, what should their expectations be?

A. One should have realistic expectations. Neo40 is a dietary supplement and not an erectile dysfunction drug so it will not be as effective as taking a Viagra or Cialis. However, supplying a source of nitric oxide when and where it is needed will certainly improve erectile strength and hardness due to the enhanced blood flow and the ability of those blood vessels to accommodate for blood, which is the physiological basis for an erection. One should also appreciate that the underlying vascular dysfunction that caused the ED did not occur overnight but months or years to develop. A simple, quick fix is not possible and should not be expected.

Q. For example, how long does Neo40 take to work? Is it a matter of hours, days weeks? And how much potency does it seem to have compared to a Viagra or Cialis?

A. We see peak blood concentrations of NO and NO metabolites at 20 minutes after taking the lozenge. There are two phases to the Neo40 assistance of the body s underlying physiology, an acute phase that generates NO immediately upon dissolution in the mouth and a slower onset phase that acts to restore and replete NO within the vasculature. This second phase takes hours.

Neo40 and drugs like Viagra and Cialis are working at different stages of the cell signaling pathway. For example, Viagra and Cialis are drugs classified as phosphodiesterase inhibitors or PD5 inhibitors. Typically when NO is produced in the vasculature, it binds to and activates an enzyme called soluble guanylyl cyclase (sGC). sGC then converts GTP to cGMP. cGMP, through a calcium dependent mechanism causes blood vessels to relax to increase blood flow. PD5 enzymes then degrade cGMP and turn the signal off. Therefore, by inhibiting the enzyme that degrades the cGMP signal that NO turns on, you get a better and sustained erection. However, without production of NO, this pathway does not and cannot work. In fact, this is why Viagra and Cialis do not work in 100% of the population.

By providing a source of NO through a dietary supplement like Neo40, this pathway becomes primed and activated. Neo40 is not a ED drug and, therefore, is not as potent as Viagra or Cialis, but also does not have the adverse side effects as well.

Q. Where do you plan to go with Neo40? Where does its future lie?

A. I think we are at the very beginning of huge movement in NO based technologies, both pharmaceutical remedies and natural dietary supplements. We hope that the technology behind Neo40 will be a viable and safe solution to any condition related to NO insufficiency. This is very important since we recognize that NO insufficiency is really the earliest sign of a number of many contemporary diseases. Recognizing patient populations that may be NO insufficient and then implement strategies to restore NO, we hope to be able to reverse the course of disease and hopefully prevent the manifestation of a number of different diseases. We have our Neogenis test strips that can detect NO availability and Neo40 as a solution. We think the future is very bright for Neo40 and anticipate market acceptance as a daily regimen to support cardiovascular health.

Q. One of my readers asked me if Neo40 would work synergistically with some of the other standard erectile dysfunction herbs, such as Pycnogenol, Korean Ginseng and/or Horny Goat Weed (Icaarin). Do you have any recommendations in this regard?

A. Yes. We think Neo40 will work synergistically with these other herbs due to the fact that NO is what activates this pathway and these herbs have been shown to affect the downstream signaling, either affecting PD5 activity or other components of the pathway.

Q. There is some concern out there with nitrate consumption in processed foods. Should those taking Neo40 back off on consumption of amine-containing foods or have any other concerns?

A. We recommend a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and limited processed foods. There is some evidence in the literature about nitrite and/or nitrate reacting with amines to form nitrosamines, some of which are considered carcinogens. The design and formulation of Neo40 as a dietary supplement is such that the chemistry is directed towards NO production and away from nitrosative chemistry. In fact, there are a number of nitrosation inhibitors in the Neo40. We do recommend taking Neo40 on an empty stomach to prevent any unwanted reactions or scavenging of NO by indigested stomach contents.

Q. Contaminants in supplements and herbs are a hot topic right now. How do you handle heavy metal and contaminant testing with your product?

A. All of our raw material is tested for heavy metals and microbiology before and after it is manufactured into the Neo40 lozenge. We have very strict quality control in place to ensure safety.

Q. From what I understand, there is a reductase enzyme present in Hawthorn that helps with the nitrate to nitrite conversion in saliva, correct? Does this enzyme affect any other processes or similar enzyme systems in the body that consumers should be aware of?

A. Mammals including humans do not have a functional nitrate reductase enzyme. We rely specifically on certain bacteria to perform this first metabolic activation step. The activity in the hawthorn is responsible for making sure the entire process leads to NO production.

Q. What side effects are you seeing with Neo40? Anything to watch out for?

A. No adverse side effects have been reported. We do hear the occasional complaint of mouth and tongue sensitivity but have found that drinking plenty of water before and after taking the lozenge will eliminate this slight discomfort. Some people also may experience an occasional burp. Since NO is a gas, the occasional burp is a sure sign the product is working.

Q. Your ingredients include a proprietary herbal blend ? Does this include only hawthorn and beetroot? Or are their other herbs as well?

A. The proprietary blend includes hawthorn and beets and several other cofactors and substrates that make the system for generating NO active.

Q. Taking Cialis with a nitrate (nitroglycerin) can lead to dangerous blood pressure dips. Do you know of any risks in taking your product along with nitrates or any other drug?

A. We recommend to always check with your physician before starting any new dietary supplement or pharmaceutical regimen. Neo40 is designed to restore physiological levels of NO whereas organic nitrates such as nitroglycerin are designed to release pharmacological levels of NO and therefore creates a problem with drugs like Viagra or Cialis.

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