Natural Versus Testosterone Therapy

My book is absolutely the most comprehensive book out there on Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Check out just some of the subjects covered in considerable detail:

  1. A flow chart-based program to evaulate - with hopefully a good doctor - where you want to boost your testosterone using a natural, alternative or standard therapy.
  2. The risks of living with low testosterone.
  3. The benefits of low testosterone, including its potential in anti-aging and to prevent chronic disease.
  4. The risks of TRT (testosterone therapy) that your doctor is unlikely to mention to you.  (Yes, there are some even with good protocols.)
  5. What you need to know about free testosterone, SHBG and prolactin.
  6. Common and not-so-common causes of low testosterone and 10 practical ways to fix low testosterone naturally.
  7. Clomid and HCG Monotherapy.
  8. Testosterone charts, times to peak and new injection protocols such as subQ.
  9. Common delivery systems, dosages and costs associated with testosterone therapy.
  10. The recent flurry of testosterone-related cardiovascular studies.
  11. The effect of testosterone on libido, morning erections, nitric oxide, daytime erections and venous leakage.
  12. The controversy and theories surrounding estradiol management in conjunction with TRT.

Currently, the book is available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback.  (You can download a Kindle Reader for almost any device and have it installed in less than two minutes.)  And, if you have any questions while you are reading it, I encourage you to visit me and our other senior posters here: Peak Tesetosterone Forum

Here are the many ways to order:

1. AMAZON (PAPERBACK or KINDLE): Natural Versus Testosterone Therapy.

2. iTunes Bookstore.  Just type in "Natural Versus Testosterone Therapy" into the iTunes/iBook search and you will find it.

3. BARNES and NOBLE: Natural Versus Testosterone Therapy.