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Orgasm: Why Every Man Should be an Orgasmatarian!

I consider myself an Orgasmatarian. Simply put, that is eating in order to maximize one’s ability to achieve an erection and orgasm. Furthermore, I eat this way not, mind you, out of simple hedonism, but rather because of the solid research that stands behind such a way of living. Yes, indeed, in the same way that the eye is the window of the soul, the penis is the window of a man’s general health.  In fact, researchers have found that erectile dysfunction is a decent predictor of future heart disease.

The reason for this is simple:  erectile dysfunction is generally caused in large part by endothelial dysfunction, meaning that the lining of the arteries has become damaged.  And damaged arteries mean less flexibility, responsiveness and nitric oxide.  Most of the risk factors for endothelial dysfunction and damaged arteries have same risk factors as cardiovascular disease, dementia and cancer:  Elevated InflammationHigh Blood Pressure and Metabolic Syndrome just for starters.

One study even showed that a man has, on average, five years after the inception of his erectile dysfunction before he has a cardiovacular event of some sort.  See my link The Dangers of Erectile Dysfunction for more details.  The bottom line is that you likely just have a few years to straighten yourself and your penis.

If this is an issue for you, my sympathies are with you.  The tragic irony is that Western culture has twisted everything and made it very difficult for a man to maintain and preserve his erections and testosterone.  Steak and fries are a “man’s meal”.  But are they?  A consistent diet of steak and fries will leave most men with fried arteries, blood vessels and capillaries.

And beer is supposed to be the ultimate “manly drink”.  Well, there’s nothing wrong with a beer or two – it won’t kill you.  I love tequila myself as much as the next guy.  But why is any drink that lowers testosterone and raises estrogen manly in any way? (See my link on Beer and Testosterone for the research behind this.) I’ll take Pomegranate Juice any day as a real manly drink:  it will boost nitric oxide, lower inflammation, lower blood pressure and possibly clean out your penile arteries.  (Pomegranate juice can interact with some medications.) It may even Boost Testosterone a little.

At some point I just stopped and jumped out of the cage. Did I want to be the typical guy on six pharaceuticals for blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes?    No thank you.  Instead, I decided to eat the way that the healthy cultures eat and boost my nitric oxide and blood flow with every meal I eat instead of slamming those into the pavement every time I opened my mouth. 

At some point, if it’s not too late, you have to try to Go Natural.  I changed my diet to clean, whole foods instead of processed, packaged foods. I increased my exercise.  I started sleeping more.  All of these things are what our bodies are naturally used to.

Sleep, exercise, diet (and weight loss for some of you) – these are big engines that can give you your life back. You don’t have to limp around like all the guys around you.  There is simply no reason not to get your health back.  Remember:  the body can generally heal itself if you feed it the right nutrients and get rid of all the toxic garbage.  But you have to give it a rest.

NOTE:  Remember that plant-based nutrition has INCREDIBLE advantages for erections and testosterone.  This is countercultural right now, but read this link on The Benefits for Men of Plant-Based Nutrition.

So become an Orgasmatarian.  Go natural.  All I know is that since I become an Orgasmatarian, I’ve never regretted a day…

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