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Peak Testosterone Mission Statement

In 2001 I told my doctor that I was feeling lousy - struggling with fatigue, erectile dysfunction and mental fog.  Seven years later I started Peak Testosterone in late 2008, because my physician simply would not treat my low testosterone.  And, to make a long story somewhat short, it was a full ten years (2011) before I was actually on a protocol that raised my testosterone even 50% above my every low baseline levels.  All this pain and suffering was a huge motivator to create a site that would address men's health issues, because I felt we were so often ignored.  The attitude of my physician was that I should "tough it out."  That's what us guys do, right?  Wrong!  My physician was a nice guy, but the truth is that what he did was unintentionally cruel.   

And I don't want to see anyone else go through what I went through, and so my goal is to distil the latest men's health research and news and organize it an understandable fashion.  I also want to establish some sense of community, which is the purpose of the Peak Testosterone Forum, a place where men can ask questions and make comments on the men's health issues they had gone through over the years. Again, the emphasis that I want is men's health news and education. 

That said, I do have some fairly lofty goals that are always on the back of my mind.  You'll have to forgive me for even putting them down, because they are a bit presumptuous to say the least.  But I can't help myself - this is really how I think.  Below are some of the things that I would like for Peak Testosterone to contribute to:

Increase Male Productivity and Creativity.  I recently went to an air museum where they had on display some of the first aircraft ever flown.  These early (male) pilots flew in rickety, rigged planes at altitudes with frigid temperatures risking life and limb.  And why?  Simply for the spirt of adventure and to be the first to do something downright miraculous.  I think this is where we as men often excel and I hope that, by improving male health, men can accelerate positive changes down here on this rocky planet.  Virtually all of us could use a boost in our careers and relationships and good health does just that every time.

Lower the #1 Killer of Men.  Heart disease takes out more men every year than any other cause of death.  For example, three times more men die (here in the U.S.) from cardiovascular issues than from cancer.  Heart disease is also the #1 killer of male sex lives as well.  The root cause of most of this is the buildup of arterial plaque and I want Peak Testosterone to do everything possible to promote plaque regression and cardiovascular health.

Save the Brains.  On my site, I focus a lot on how poor health affects our sex lives negatively.  To be honest, that's what I think about first often, and I think most men are the same way.  But the real tragedy of the Western lifestyle and diet doesn't occur in the bedroom, but between the ears.  I have found over the years that a very high percentage of men on the Peak Testosterone Forum are depressed, have high anxiety and/or struggle with other psychological issues. And let's be honest here:  mental health issues can disintegrate families and ruin careers.  This is tragic, because research from the last few decades have shown in my opinion that a majority of these issues likely come from lifestyle-related and/or hormonal factors. For example, correcting my low testosterone (with a decent protocol) almost instantly got rid of the depression that I struggled with my entire adult life.  Lifestyle changes can do the same for many men. The alternative is embracing the flood of psychotropics that have hit the market, including anti-depressants, benzos, anti-anxiety meds and sleep drugs, etc. Is this really the answer for men as we cruise into the 21st century?  I think it's clear we need more natural and holistic solutions.

 Decrease Recreational Drug (and Painkiller) Use.  At some point, we have to be honest with ourselves:  the war on drugs is simply not working.  Short of turning the U.S. into a police state, there is no way to stop the tide of drugs or the increasingly sophisticated and violent cartels that are our suppliers using current law enforcement methodologies.  In my opinion, there is only thing that will work and that is education.  When men see what these drugs do to their testosterone, their erections and their brains, I believe they will be much less likely to use them.  And, if you feel good, you simply do not need drugs or painkillers - it just does not make sense.  

 Support (Primarily) Plant-Based Eating.  There are a 100 big U.S. sites out there emphasizing consumption of large amounts of animal foods. I want Peak Testosterone to be an alternative to this monopoly - a men's health site that emphasizes that the solid majority of your calories - for the sake of your gut and nitric oxide - should be plant-based. My personal heroes are the Tarahumara, Okinawans, Hunza, Vilcabambans and Abkhasians, all of whom are the longest-lived cultures on the planet with virtually no chronic disease and who are primarily (but not exclusively) plant-based. My personal diet now is essentially vegan with sardines thrown in and I feel fantastic with good glucose, blood pressure and lipid profiles.

Support the Natural, Whole Foods Movement.  Study after study after study has shown us that the more fruits and vegetabables one eats, the better the health outcomes for a wide variety of conditions and subpopulations.  In my opinion, the evidence is overwhelming.  Because of this, I believe that high quality plant foods in particular - but some of the same of the same arguments can be made for animal foods as well of course - are our primary means of salvation from the plague of chronic disease that dissolves our lives and productivity.  This begs the question:  why would we allow anyone to modify and control, through heavy pesticide and GMO usage, the very thing that can save us?  All the supercultures, who have virtually no cancer or heart disease, eat clean whole foods.  Why would we do the opposite and, why, would we feed it our children? 

Self-Testing.  45 out of 50 states in the U.S. support self-testing for a wide variety of medical tests.  (These have to be paid out of pocket, of course, and cannot be run through insurance.)  Men can get most of the standard hormonal and lipid blood draws for example.  More exotic things, such as toxin and mineral hair and genetic testing can also be done as well. I believe men MUST do much of their own testing now if they have any hope of improving their health.  Why do I say that?  Because the great majority of physicians will simply never test the many things that should be part of a man's "regular tuneup."  Health care and insurance systems are completely overtaxed financially now and testing is being reduced rather than expanded.  Because of this, many men on Peak Testosterone Forum  have pulled their own numbers and quite literally saved their lives.  We just had a young man pull his own thyroid numbers from the biggest lab in the country and find out that he had Hashimoto's.  The physician was very annoyed and ignored the lab results.  But at least now he knows one of his underlying issues that would likely, quite literally, destroy his thyroid gland. [2] No small group of individuals has the right to control our health and how we monitor it, and I will do everything I can to see that men can pull their own numbers. 

Support the New Global Middle Class.  When I read about all the violence and tragedy in the world, one thing that gives me hope is the rise of the global middle class.  By 2025 India is predicted to have a middle class with around 525 million people - a staggering number that will be about 1.5 times the size of ours in the U.S.  The middle class in Latin America is growing by 8-10 million people per year right now with no signs of slowing down any time soon. And by 2030 the entire global middle class should be around 4.9 billion people!  I believe that this new educated and ethical group of people will transform the earth in positive ways that we living today cannot even dream of.  I want Peak Testostosterone to support this new group of people that I believe will make the earth a better place for my kids as they grow up and age here on planet earth.

So you might at this point be wondering what I am putting in my hookah pipe?  Well, take comfort in the fact that I don't believe that any one site can do all of the above - I simply want to be a part of the movement that I believe will take place over the next ten to twenty years that will help reshape how we think about health and fitness.