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Reverse Diabetes Using Dr. Whitaker’s Method

I thank God every day for antibiotics, polio vaccines and eye glasses.  But let’s be honest:  the standard protocols of Western medicine sometimes just look downright silly and diabetes is a case in point.  Julian Whitaker, in his must-read book Reversing Diabetes, confronts common medical wisdom with a bold statement on p. 54: “90% of diabetics should be treated with diet, exercise, weight control and targeted nutritional supplements.”

Dr. Whitaker backs up his claims and in his practice he almost always “gets his man”.  He finds that he can dramatically reduce the medications of almost all of his diabetic patients who undergo his all-natural program. This is incredibly important because of the many complications of insulin therapy incluing hypoglycemia and weight gain.  (Insulin promotes fat storage!)  Plus, many of the oral medications are rife with even nastier side effects.

Dr. Whitaker’s program, which of course he outlines in this book, is entirely reasonable and includes such common sense strategies as ample fiber, lots of plant foods, emphasis on a low glycemic index along with relatively low total  and almost no saturated fat.  Some lean protein and low fat dairy are allowed and so many Westerners would be relatively comfortable with the diet.

The book has many miraculous stories, including a patient scheduled for leg amputation, which is quite common among diabetics, who avoided that completely once normal glucose levels were restored. Another patient had bleeding of the eyes – retinal problems are also common amoung diabetics – that was completely eliminated upon entrance into his program. Some on insulin therapy are able to completely quit.

The bottom line is that those fairly recently diagnosed with diabetes can much more often than not completely reverse their condition.  And even veteran diabetics get dramatic symptom relief and medication reduction through these common lifestyle principles.

Notice that the title of this book, Reversing Diabetes, espouses another principle that I emphasize often on this site:  the body can almost always do a significant amount of self-healing through the lifestyle changes of diet and exercise.  If you throw in sleep, sex (healthy of course), supplements and a few other powerful principles such as mediation and laughter – well, there’s usually not much that can stop you from becoming a completely new person altogether.  (You can also check out his web site Dr. Whitaker for lots of interesting articles.)

One of the best aspects of the book is an extensive list and analysis of glucose-aiding and weight loss-assisting supplements packed with studies and references.  This is a must read for almost modern, urban dweller as, even those of us who are not yet diabetic, are likely dealing with some insulin resistance and pre-diabetic conditions.

This is a must-read in my opinion for health professionals and anyone with a family member who is diabetic.  There are almost 30 million diabetics in the U.S. alone and imagine if 25 million of them could dramatically improve their life just by reading and practicing the contents one book alone.

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