Wrinkles 101

Most guys have absolutely no idea how to prevent and manage wrinkles.  Typically, they think "that's a woman's world" until they take a good hard look in the mirror twenty years later and realize what in the heck they've done to their appearance.  And let's face it:  how you look will affect your sex life.

We're going to give you a quick Wrinkles 101 course - as usual completely free and packed with information - in order to give you what you need to know with an emphasis on stealth and privacy since guys generally want privacy in this area. 

First of all, wrinkles come from three primary sources: 1) sun damage, 2) free radical damage and 3) advanced glycation end products.  These three are all inevitable and all part of life here on planet earth. The key, of course, is to limit all three of these and I cover that in extensive detail in my links on Sunscreens, Skin and Diet and How to Limit Advanced Glycation End Products.  How you eat and how you live has an incredible affect as to whether you are careening wildly toward an appearance that is ten or twenty years older than every one around you.

Of course, there are other things that age your skin as well including smoking (from accelerated free radical damage), lack of sleep (from whacked hormones and decreased nutrients) and yo-yo dieting (from continued stretching and relaxing of the skin).  On top of that you have the fact that as you age your skin "recycles" much more slowly.  A typical twenty year old will replace his outer layer of skin every two weeks but by fifty that tyically doubles to every four weeks according to Men's Health Magazine [1].

So is the situation hopeless?  Of course not!  Actually, it is suprising how many different research-backed, time-proven techniques there are for reducing wrinkling.  It is simply a matter of money and privacy as to which route you take. 

Let's go through some of the major solutions that you may want to consider to shave ten to twenty years of your facial appearance:

1.  Retin-A.  This is a guy favorite as it can be done entirely privately and it's extremely easy.  It's as simple as putting a "lotion" on your face each night.  Please read this link on How Retin-A Can Reduce Wrinkles In Males

2. Cosmetic Surgery.  Most guys are reluctant to do this because of the gender stigma traditionally attached to this.  However, if you have had a lot of damage and, in particular a lot of skin sagging, this may be the only route that will really work for you.  Read more here about Cosmetic Surgery 100 for Males for more details.

3. Do It Yourself. If you really want privacy and clinically backed results, you may want to consider Dr. Todorov's Smart Skin Care Info Packs - I have no association with him - that teach you how to prepare your own solutions of various solutions.  Vitamin C, for example, is a proven wrinkle reducer and Dr. Todorov shows you how to do it without paying an arm and a leg (and possibly embarassing yourself) at the mall. This is the ultimate in privacy as you can do this all in the privacy of your own home.

4) Pal-KTTKS (Matrixyl 3000, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide). This compound was designed to stimulate collagen, which is one of the keys to younger-looking skin and wrinkle reduction and does have a study showing that it works for the same. [2] The study showed significant reductions in both wrinkles and fine lines. (Remember that topical compounds such as this can only improve motion wrinkles and lines so much.  Nevertheless, you should see substantial improvement.)



1)  Men's Health, Sep 2009, p. 134.

2) Intl J of Cosmetic Science, May 6 2005, 27(3):155-160, "Topical palmitoyl pentapeptide provides improvement in photoaged human facial skin"