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HRT: Testosterone Therapy and Class Action Lawsuits

Testosterone and Class Action Lawsuits
Well, the world of HRT will never be the same:  there have been a couple of studies lately linking testosterone therapy with cardiovascular issues.  Immediately, attorneys around the country began forming class action lawsuits and the legal storm will begin shortly.  The tragedy is that many men, some probably unfairly, will no longer be able to receive HRT because no clinic or doctor will be willing to take the risk in their particular case.  Let’s look two studies now that show that testosterone increases cardiovascular risk:

NEWS FLASH(ES):  There have been a number of studies that have shown that HRT can improve many cardiovascular parameters, so many experts were skeptical of the results of these studies.  Sure enough, two very positive HRT cardiovascular studies followed immediately after the ones on this page.  See my page The Recent Positive Testosterone Therapy Cardiovascular Studies for more information.  The one except is a sutdy I discuss on the following page:  Possible Testosterone Injection Dangers or Just a Bad Protocol?. Also, the climate has completely changed since I wrote this page, and a federal judge recently threw out the most recent case that testosterone manufacturers increased their risk of cardiovascular issues. [5] My, how things change in a year or two! (Please consult with your physician, however:  it is his or her job to stay up on the latest research and evaluate any medical conditions you may have.)

1.  NEJM 2010.  The first anti-HRT study was in published in 2010 in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. [1] This study look at testosterone administration to a group of “community dwelling” seniors. I’m not sure why they picked that group, but the results were ugly:  almost four times as many men in the testosterone had cardiovascular events versus the control group!  The authors wrote that “during the course of the study, the testosterone group had higher rates of cardiac, respiratory, and dermatologic events than did the placebo group. A total of 23 subjects in the testosterone group, as compared with 5 in the placebo group, had cardiovascular-related adverse events. .”

2. JAMA 2013.  Then just a few years later, the equally prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association also found increased cardiovascular risk in men given testosterone.  This study was also widely criticized.  Life Extension Foundation wrote a particularly scarthing and insightful rebuttal that, in my opinion, tore apart this study piece by piece.  In fact, I would argue that this study mostly showed that the mainstream medical boards have a very low level of understanding of even the basics as to how to administer and monitor testosterone successfully.  For example, one of the things that the article points is that no mention of estradiol was ever given in the study!  This is inexcusable as abundant data has made clear that estradiol is VERY important to arterial health.  The LEF writer, which included an M.D. and two N.D.’s, stated:

“In the paper published by Vigen, there was no report of the subjects’ estradiol levels. If estradiol was not monitored during testosterone administration, this oversight means that the men receiving testosterone could have experienced a concurrent rise in estradiol levels. This may have compromised their cardiovascular health and could partially account for the increased risk observed in the testosterone-treated group.” [3] The study was on vets and some of them probably were on the old big cypionate dose every two weeks.  These big dosages using this kind of “old school” protocol send both testosterone and estradiol through the roof for 4-5 days, which could put some men at risk.

Now, as woefully inadequate as the above studies are, none of us can say that testosterone is always safe for every man.  It may be that the topicals have issues.  And it may be that poorly monitored HRT is likewise risky for some men.  In fact, I would argue that several groups of men need to be very carefully monitored:

1.  Men with hypertension.

2. Men with certain clotting disorders.

3. Men with kidney disease.

I cover these three cases in my page on The Potential Risks of Testosterone.

And I think that few have any doubts that the attorneys will likely have a field day with all of this. One of the big things that they have going for them is the fact that heart disease is the number one killer of men and an epidemic in our Western culture. This ensures that will be a huge pool of men with heart attacks, angina, angioplasties, strokes and so on that have been on HRT just due to the odds. Of course, that also means a potentially larger class in their class action law suit.

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To file a law suit, attorneys need only net around 40 men with heart disease and on a particular type of HRT.  This, of course, should be easy and I think we will see a multitude of suits forming around the country.  A few quick searches on the internet will pull up literally hundreds of law firms already requesting names and information to forum such suits.

The End Result of the Lawsuits
There will some positive and negative outcomes from all of these lawsuits and class action suits. Many men with risk factors will be excluded from treatment. No doctor can afford to prescribe testosterone with the threat of a lawsuit hanging over him. So do you really think that if you have had a DVT, or an embolism, or angina, or an angioplasty or perhaps even hypertension, that a doctor is going to give you testosterone. I have my doubts.

So the best thing you can do for yourself, if you are would like to be on HRT is take care of your heart and arteries.  I have a lot of pages on the subject on my site, including How to Clear Your ArteriesIncrease Your Nitric Oxide Naturally, and Erectile Dysfunction and Arterial Plaque for example. So start working on things like lowering your blood pressure and clearing out arterial plaque. Otherwise, you may find that your doc takes you off of HRT sometime down the road as the lawsuits hit.

And believe me: doctors are completely willing to drop you off of HRT in a heartbeat. My clinic recently dropped me almost instantly over a high PSA reading. I was off of HRT for a month and my testosterone dropped to 111!  It turns out that I did not have cancer, but it taught me a sober lesson: I need to carefully guard my health in order to be allowed to stay on testosterone. So get on a good clean, heart friendly diet. Lose those extra pounds. Drop the weight. It will pay off in the end…

1) N Engl J Med, 2010 Jul 8, 363(2):109-22. “Adverse events associated with testosterone administration”

2) https://www.zrtlab.com/blog/entry/testosterone-elixir-or-dangerous-drug

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5) https://www.courthousenews.com/2015/11/12/pfizer-dodges-claims-over-testosterone-drugs.htm

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