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Vaginal Dryness and Prescription Medications

Americans, and a lot of Western societies, like their drugs. Well, this is a tragic mistake in most cases as drugs generally cause more problems than they solve.  This is particular true in the bedroom and we have covered this topic in my page on Erectile Dysfunction and Drugs.

Unfortunately, this is not just an issue that plagues males only:  the sex life of females is often disturbed by pharmaceuticals as well.  In my link on Female Libido and Hormones, I discuss various drugs that can effect female libido negatively and here I want to discuss another frequent drug-induced issue for women:  vaginal dryness.

Vaginal dryness, like a fire in a concert hall, can destroy even your most magnificent performance. Even “mild” vaginal dryness can result in irritation and infections leading a woman to sour on the idea of diving under the covers.  Furthermore, it can create a vicious cycle, because the slowdown in sexual activity actually can contribute to increased vaginal dryness and, in addition, the stress and negative feelings often worsen a woman’s natural lubrication as well.

Let’s start with antihistamines.  Most guys don’t realize that the drying properties of antihistamines can make or even initiate prostatitis and, in still other cases, lower erectile strength as well.  Likewise, most woman do not realize the same holds true for the walls of the vagina.  These drugs can dry up much more than your sinuses!

Similarly, antidepressants, which often cause erectile issues in males, can also lead to lack of vaginal lubrication. Obviously, if you were fighting depression, it isn’t going to help you if your medication is sabotaging your sex life as well.  Tranquilizers and sedatives are also similar.  Finally, the same “sin” drugs that cause males erectile issues, such as narcotics, alcohol and nicotine (smoking), can also result in lack of lubrication for a woman as well.

Yes, this is just one more example as to how drugs can sabotage all your hard work in the bedroom.  The solution?  In most cases, you can solve the issue with a good lubricant.  See our article on the Best and Most Nutural Lubricants for Intercourse for more information.

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