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Androgel Patient Assistance Program

Androgel – Patient Assistance Program
My biggest criticism of Androgel is it’s VERY high cost. Basically, Abbot Labs – now AbbVie – took transdermal testosterone that compounding pharmacies had been doing for decades at about $50 per month and converted into a $300+ per month cash cow. Of course, doctors tend to go with the brand name pharmaceuticals, and so instantly the cost to insurance companies and patients skyrocketed.  And we shouldn’t be surprised: I guess:  monopolistic overnment bureaucracies are notorious for taking the simple and inexpensive and converting it into the onerously complicated and costly, eh?

In any event, there is a way to stop the bleeding for some men, and it is a program that AbbVie calls their Patient Assistance Program.  Basically, if you fill out enough paperwork and can justify financial need, you may get some of your Androgel paid for.  How do you get started?  Here are some links that can should help:

AbbVie Patient Assistance Foundation Application for AndroGel (testosterone gel) 1.62%

AbbVie Patient Assistance Foundation

Phone Numbers for AbbVie Patient Assistance Foundation if you have questions

I can’t help but add that, if you get tired of all this extra paperwork for a second rate product, then consider finding a physician that will prescribe a compounded testosterone.  You can read more about it here:  Compounded Transdermal (Topical) Testosterone. If you read this page, you’ll see that testosterone creams and gels can be compounded up to a concentration of 20%!  This is why often men on Androgel do not experience any increase in their testosterone levels – it simply is not concentrated enough.  I will also add that Testosterone Cypionate (or Enanthate overseas) Injections are also MUCH less expensive than Androgel as well. So there are lots of options out there for men who need to save money on their TRT (testosterone therapy).

And, finally, pick up some AbbVie stock, as shareholders are the only ones benefitting from the exhorbitant costs of Androgel!

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