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Do It Yourself Skin Care: The Best Sites

I simply cannot believe what some women pay for skin care products:  $80-120 for just one (of many) bottles, vials and jars is not uncommon as many of us men know.  The sad thing is that many of the active ingredients will have degraded by the time your woman opens the container up and, sadder still, is the fact that the chemicals inside almost always cost just a few dollars to manufacture.  You’re basically paying for someone’s chalet, servants and Ferrari.

This is where DIY (Do It Yourself) Skin Care comes in. An entire cottage industry has sprung up as a reaction against the gross overpricing and frequent misrepresenations of the skin care industry.  Yes, you have to follow the recipe carefully and monitor your skin to make sure the product is doing what you think it is, but many people cannot resist taking years off their appearance for just a few dollars.

By the way, I am NOT talking about obsessing over your personal appearance or stressing out as is often the case with some of the women that you have known. (Yes, some guys are the same way.)

I am talking about quietly and privately and quickly making products that can actually reduce the wrinkles on your face or decrease those bags under your eyes for just a few dollars a month and just a few minutes per day of your time

Sure, if you’ve got the cash, just get some plastic surgery done or just do nothing and look like hell.  But, for those interested in boosting their sex appeal to the woman in their life with minimal investment, check these sites out:

CAUTION:  I recommend that you get everything cleared through your dermatologist before trying anything below. And, after that, be sure to apply a small test patch of the product in a not-so-visible area for testing first.

1.  Smart Skin Care.  The Smart Skin Care site is one of the gems on the web and is headed up by Dr. German Todorov, an actual researcher in microbiology and anti-aging. I believe he got his big start on Oprah.  Regardless, his site is very popular and yet he is a down-to-earth fellow that tries to answer emails on his forum and post cutting edge articles that are readable and understandable for the layman.  His info packs are excellent and he shows you how to reduce wrinkles inexpensively and in the privacy of your own home. His site is low pressure and packed with good skin care information. Every middle-aged person, male or female, should spend some time on it in my humble opinion.

2.  Personal Formulator.  The Personal Formulator has a very easy to use site with formulas that any guy can apply in the privacy of his bedroom.  What I like is the easy-to-read formulations that give the base and active ingredients necessary along with proper proportions.  Here are a couple of examples:  the eye and the anti-wrinkle formula.

3.  Essential Day Spa.  This site, Essential Day Spa, is one of the oldest on the web in its niche, without a doubt, the best part of it is the established and active forum.  Of course, you always have to take forum posts for what they are, but it’s a great way to gather preliminary information on almost any skin care subject you can imagine.

4Lotion Crafter. The Lotion Crafter site is a little quirky, but i site is definitely one of the older, more established sites. It’s hard to be beat the base price of their ingredients.  For example, look here at the sample prices of various anti-aging products, such as CoQ10 and Eyeseryl, which can reduce wrinkles and improve bags under the eyes, respectively.

5.  Skin Actives.  The SkinActives site is a little weak on information.  However, the integrity seems fairly high from what I can tell on their site.  Example:  In their FAQs, they state regarding DMAE that “there have been a couple of such scientific papers, and the quality of that research is so bad (yes, there is such a thing as bad quality scientific research) that no conclusions can be extracted from the results. So I have to say to our clients ‘use DMAE for short term only’ and make up the rest of plumping and firming using actives that are better known.”  In addition, there products are generally reasonably priced.

6. Garden of Wisdom. The Garden of Wisdom is another DIY site worth researching.  They have ingredients at a very reasonable price that are difficult to find.  For example, you can find such gems raw ascorbic acid powder, a research-proven wrinkle remover, and Vitamin K (for undereye circles).

6. Making Cosmetics. The Making Cosmetics site has lots of great products but is a little more expensive than some of the other DIY sites.  Of course, you’ll still save a bundle over buying skin care products in almost any retail store, but there is a definite premium here. For example, they have Haloxyl for dark undereye circles as of this writing for $28.80 for.

7. Skin Care Talk. The Skin Care Talk is an active forum community for those trying to look better. Of course, it is primarily frequented by females, but it is a good starter source of information for the typical uninitiated male. They also have a DIY subforum that is specifically for all us do-it-yourselfers.

8. Bulk Actives. The Bulk Actives site is a little quirky, but if they have a product you are interested in, it will be extremely well-priced. Here are some sample prices of pre-made antioxidant formulas, which can in some cases reduce wrinkles.

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