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Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon The Easy Way

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon does not have to be hard for most guys.  And, before I go on, let me mention that I know some guys are absolutely opposed to cosmetic procedures of any sort.  It may seem unnatural to some and unmanly to others.

Remember:  exercise and losing weight will make your bod look twenty years younger after just a few months, but to drop a couple of decades off your face may take a little help after all the hard livin’ you’ve done, eh? 

NOTE:  See this link for ideas on How to Look Twenty Years Younger.

For those of you who agree but haven’t gone yet, it may very well be because you didn’t know how to get started.  Below I make the job of picking a cosmetic surgeon much easier.  The reason is that you are probably NOT going to ever even see the plastic surgeon, so you don’t have to obsess over his credentials.  That’s right – what you need is a new face and you can do that without ever seeing a cosmetic surgeon.  You can do that by dealing with his (very likely) female front office staff, while he is performing things like neck and face lifts and lipos – which hopefully you do not need.  Again, most guys just need some wrinkle reduction and filler for years of excessive sun exposure, free radical damage and/or smoking.

Assuming that is the case, then below is what you need to check:

1.  Find a doctor that’s been a plastic surgeon for quite awhile, at least five years.  Make sure he is certified – this only applies to the U.S. – by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

2.  Find a location that is far enough away from your house that you don’t have to worry about anonymity and yet close enough to where it you’ll want to go back.  I’ll explain why below.

3.  Ask questions about the front office staff.  Very often a plastic surgeon will have a person that handles injections, i.e. Botox/Dysport and Fillers, and another person that handles things like Thermage, peels and easy microdermabrasions.  These are the people that you want to ask about:  you want to deal with someone who has years of experience. It is these people who can decades off of your face for a relatively cheap price, so treat them right and learn how to deal with them.

4.  Inquire as to the cost of Botox even if you don’t want Botox.  Ask them the cost per unit and total number of units to do the crows feet around your eyes.  The cost per unit should be around $10-$11 and it should take 20-25 units. In other words, to do both eyes should be in the $200-$300 range.  (You’ll have to go back with Botox every three to four months, so you want to make sure their costs are reasonable.)

5. Ask about the cost of Retin-A.  This is one of your most important consideration in my opinion.  The office can sell a name brand Retin-A to you for $100 or they can compound it themselves and sell it to you for around $30 (in a small tube). One small tube, if refrigerated, will last you for 2-3 months and can do more than anything else to de-age your face. However, you want to make that they have your best interests in mind and aren’t trying nickel and dime you by charging the highests prices for even a cheap molecule like Retin-A.  (See my link on The Wonders of Retin-A for more details.)

Again, these front office staff can give you much younger look face in a matter of weeks in privacy and secrecy for around a $1,000 to $3,000, depending of if you want Botox, fillers and/or Retin-A.

If you don’t believe in the power of cosmetic surgery and good clean livin’, then just check out my link on The Best Looking Middle Aged Women on planet earth. Most of these gals have taken care of their skin and diet and coupled it with some Hollywood cosmetic surgery.  As you can see, it works just fine…

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