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Cost Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT With Defy Medical

Costs of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) With Defy Medical
Word spreads quickly on the Peak Testosterone Forum and already Defy Medical has an excellent reputation and many forum members going there.  Because they are cash only and do not do insurance processing, one very commmon question that I get is the cost of treatment.  (Many patients do submit lab claims to their insurance for reimbursement on the back end however.)

To get some ballpark figure, I queried Dr. Saya as to their current charges (as of August of 2016).  He wrote me back the following responses – see below.  Please keep in mind that these are rough estimates based on the typical patient and can change at any time.  You must, of course, actually call  Defy Medical to get the numbers for you own medical situation.

LAB COSTS:  “The general HRT/TRT lab panel is $249. If “other” labs are added (IGF-1, further thyroid testing, etc) then the cost can be a little higher. Then again, if a FULL panel isn’t needed on follow-up (i.e. Once dialed in for some lab draws we can check a limited panel) then lab cost can be lower. ”

LAB FREQUENCY:  “We check labs generally at initial, 90 days, then between q3-6 months depending on how well balanced/stable a patient is (6 months if stable). I also sometimes give a “longer leash” to patients such as yourself with a lot of experience with TRT and those who do their own monitoring/testing. ”

CONSULTATION PRICES:  “The INITIAL consult price is $250, but follow-ups are cheaper at a cost of $50-$120 depending on if with MD or with mid-level practitioner.”

COST OF TESTOSTERONE:  “Testosterone cypionate 200mg/ml cost typically ~$120 for 10ml vial (generally ~3 month supply depending on dosing).”

–“COST OF HCG and ARIMIDEX (ANASTROZOLE):  “HCG 11,000 IU vial ~$70-$75 (generally 3 month supply) or 5,000iu vial ~$40-45; Anastrozole (if needed).”

OTHER HORMONES:  “DHEA/pregnenolone, thyroid, etc are on a “per cap” or “per tablet” price and are not very expensive. Ancillary medications and supplements are available at a discounted cost. We make EVERY effort to keep our services as affordable as possible while trying to deliver the best of care.”

Estimated Yearly Costs of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) With Defy Medical
TOTAL ESTIMATED YEARLY COSTS:  The upper end range for our patients in the first year if on a TRT protocol T cyp 200mg/ml – 0.35ml BIW, HCG 400iu BIW, and anastrozole 0.15mg/DIM 200mg cap BIW would be right around $2041. The lower range would be roughly $1300.

NOTE: Your cost will be less on an ongoing basis after the first year, because you will no longer have the initial one hour consultation fee.


  • Example A:
  • Initial consult – $250
  • Initial Labs – $249
  • Medication cost if a protocol of T cyp 200mg/ml – 0.35ml BIW, HCG 400iu BIW, and anastrozole 0.15mg/DIM 200mg cap BIW – $241 every 13 weeks
  • Follow up consults 2x $120 with doctor, $90 with mid-level practitioner or $50 with RN
  • Follow up labs 2x $237 – $119 (higher end labs would be for full male panel follow up lower end would be for just basics Test, PSA, ES, CBC)
  • Total: $2,115-$1,790 ($175 – $150 a month)
  • Example B: (If the patient can have labs covered by insurance)
  • Initial consult – $250
  • Initial Labs – no charge
  • Medication cost if a protocol of T cyp 200mg/ml – 0.35ml BIW, HCG 400iu BIW, and anastrozole 0.15mg/DIM 200mg cap BIW – $241 every 13 weeks
  • Follow up consults 2x $120 with doctor or $50 with mid-level practitioner
  • Follow up labs 2x no charge
  • Total: $1450 – $1310 ($120 – $109 a month)


We also provide a 10% discount to all military and first responders, run specials on various medications throughout the year, and provide patients with a $25 credit on their birthdays. This doesn’t take into account if the patient is ordering injectable nutrients or other supplements from us, or if they are having other issues treated (Thyroid or ED for example). Anytime someone calls in, though, we are very clear about all the costs, and provide clear costs of all medications. The largest variable is the lab work, but I know in the past that form some patients on a budget Dr. Saya has been able to adjust his required follow up labs to something more affordable.

Fee and Cost Breakdown For TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) With Defy Medical
Initial TRT/HRT Consult: $250

After your initial evaluation, the Defy Medical staff requires at least two follow up appointments per year for men on Testosterone therapy (about every 6 months) at the discretion of your physician. You can choose to have your follow up with the Doctor or with a mid-level practitioner.  The follow up costs are as follows:


  • Follow up lab review w/ Dr.- $120
  • Follow up lab review w/ mid-level practitioner- $90
  • Follow up lab review w/ RN – $50
  • To begin testosterone therapy we will order you the following initial blood work
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel- $15
  • CBC- $15
  • Lipid Panel- $15
  • Testosterone Free and Total- $35
  • Estradiol Sensitive- $38
  • DHEA-S- $38
  • TSH-$21
  • PSA-$21
  • LH-$12
  • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin-$44The above lab test prices are offered exclusively for Defy Medical patients, in which we would send you an official order form to bring to a Labcorp facility near your home.We can actually provide a prescription for your blood work if you have a lab which is covered by your insurance. I listed our blood testing prices in case your insurance does not cover some or all of these tests. The listed price is what you would pay us so if you do have coverage there will be no charge for blood work. As far as the medications go, the average monthly cost for the standard TRT medications come to $75-$100 per month. This includes Test Cyp, HCG, and Anastrazole.

    ** The Intake Department may be contacted for more information on our Fee Schedule and other procedures/treatments offered. Please go to their web site for contact information: Defy Medical.

    NOTE:  Defy Medical is currently a site sponsor.  Dr. Saya is also my personal HRT / TRT physician.

    Speaking for myself, I cannot ever imagine going back to insurance-based TRT treatment, which I would charactize as just plain painful (and sometimes dangerous).  My experience with Dr. Saya and Defy Medical, on the other hand, has been the polar opposite – I am constantly learning new things and enjoying excellent protocols.


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