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Fast Food and Your Sex Life

I wish I had a dollar for every burger and fry that I’ve eaten at a fast food place.  Actually, what I really wish is that I could wind back the clock and never step foot in another fast food place – I know I would be a very different person.  I can remember as a kid – and I grew up when fast food was just forming – being so excited to go to McDonald’s.  It was a whole family event.

Now a lot of us eat at fast food regularly, especially younger males who feel indestructable.  Well, nothing could be further than the truth:  we are destructible and I will show you why fast food will do just that.

In fact, I will go a step further and show you six key ways that fast food will take out your sex life, erectile strength and libido in short order. I think you will surprised at just how nasty the whole industry really is:

1)  Trans Fats.  Most of you already know about this.  If you eat anything like a fry or nugget that is fried, you are getting a monster dose of trans fats.  Trans fats are not complicated:  they are simply regular vegetable oils that have been burned and heated for so long that they have become tangled, mangled, elongated lipids that are a physiological nightmare:  they lower HDL (good cholesterol), raise LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase blood pressure.  And all good Peak Testosterone readers know that those three will eventually take out your sex life.

2)  Saturated Fats.  If you don’t get a boat load of trans fats when you eat fast food, you’ll more than likely get a nice dose of saturated fat.  Saturated fat temporarily hardens your arteries decreasing blood flow to the penis.  As you age, you’ll find that you get increasingly sensitive to this effect.  After a good dose of saturated fat, you can feel the difference downstairs if you know what I mean.  Saturated fat is also highly associated with increased cholesterol and arteriosclerosis, both of which will eventually limpify your penis.

3)  Excitotoxins.  Fast food is loaded with excitotoxins, particularly glutamates.  Glutamates head straight for your hypothalamus and wreak havoc therein.  As your hypothalamus is slowly damaged, the thyroid and gonads are often affected as well.  Excitotoxins are particularly common in anything “prepared”, such as Veggie Burgers, nuggets, breadings, etc.

4)  Hetercyclic Amines.  Fast food grills are extremely high heat and create that nice black residue on the meat that we all so enjoy.  Unfortunately, that nice black residue is packed with HCA’s (Heterocyclic Amines) that travel through the blood stream straight to your precious prostate and lead to prostate cancer.  NOTE: Please read about How to Protect Yourself from Prostate Cancer .

5)  Chicken.  Some of you try to be good and get chicken when you go to fast food.  Well, this is a disaster as chicken is generally packed with excitotoxins.  Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for being probably the worst offender and Burger King’s Tender Grill is stuffed with Autolyzed Yeast Extract and even glazed with it!  And if your privates survive the MSG, chicken is intrinsically loaded with inflammatory messengers that will slowly lead to heart disease and erectile dysfunction.

6) Blood Pressure.  Just one fast food meal can increase blood pressure [1] and, again, if you’ve hung around Peak Testosterone for long, you know that high blood pressure is a huge risk factor for erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. NOTE:  Please read about How Blood Pressure Affects the Penis.

Well, did you notice?  Fast food looks as if it is almost designed to short circuit your sex life.  It attacks the testes (glutmates), prostate (hetercyclic amines) and blood flow to the penis (saturated, trans fats and inflammation).  I don’t think Ray Kroc, Dave Thomas and his colleagues sat around asking, “How can we neuter America?” back in the 50’s and 60’s, but it remarkable what a gonad-killing menu they came up with, eh?

Bottom line:  Don’t eat fast food.  Not one meal. Your gonads will not escape alive…


1) Jakulj F, Zernicke K, Bacon SL, et al. A high-fat meal increases cardiovascular reactivity to psychological stress in healthy young adults. J Nutr. 2007 Apr;137(4):935-9

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