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Title: Genova Labs
Post by: Simeoni on May 14, 2013, 06:00:29 pm
Well the metabolic and digestive analysis are from genova. You can look them up from their website ( ). From what Ive seen, I would say that this company seems to have a good reputation amongst doctors - especially with those who practice functional medicine.

For example, I was listening to Chris Kesser's - one of the paleo "gurus" - podcast this morning and he was promoting Genova as a good and trustworthy lab.

Im affraid I cant seem to find any English link for the mold/fungus panel. I ordered it from a private lab that has a website in my native language (Finnish). Basically the test is done in order to see if one is exposed to some of the most common mold and fungus infections. If this is the case, the exposed body has become allergic to those microbes and if they are present in the body - via grains for example - they might cause inflammation and other symptoms. This is how I understood it.

Ill have to check this out. Im suffering with a form of adrenal fatigue - morning cortisol on the low side. My doc wanted to rule out all inflammatory cause. For example he ordered a blood panel that tests mold/fungus and mycotoxins in your body. Also on my list are metabolic and digestive analysis from genova. Im planning to take these when have enough resources.

Anyways, It will be interesting to see if theres an inflammatory cause behind all this.

Interesting!  Post the link to the test if u don't mind.

And what do you know about genova?

(Forgive my typing.  Am on a stair stepper trying to distract myself.)