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Title: Refused TRT via NHS Self Medication Help Please
Post by: willowfield29 on February 08, 2018, 06:29:01 pm
So after 5 blood tests over the past 6 month my testosterone levels have been really low ranging from 6.0nmol to 10nmol, my latest results where (in range) according to the nhs endocrinologist I saw 3 weeks ago! So basically they are not treating my low testosterone even when I originally went private and the endocrinologist I saw in October, diagnosed me with Hypogonadism, didnt state if I was primary or secondary LH was 3.4 FSH was 4.0, He wrote a letter to my GP so I can try Sustanon 250 for 6 weeks & review me after that, thing is I couldnt afford a follow up at that time, but thought seeing I have been givin a private diagnosis I should easily get Sustanon on NHS prescription, NO NO NO!, I was originally allowed/prescribed the trial dose that my GP did give me following the private endocrinologists letter, but after the 6 weeks I went back to GP to ask for a repeat prescription & refused to give me it, saying I would like you to see NHS endocrinologist to carry out more bloods & surprise surprise, My level was just in range 9.2nmol, i'm pretty sure im wasting my time with the NHS and have already got a vial of test propionate & plan starting on Monday dosing 30mg MWF & see how I go for 2 weeks at that, What can you guys suggest to watch out for over this period? I know that I have to give blood or get my red bloods checked every 3 months? would appreciate some help, more than likely you are more knowledgeable than some of the NHS clowns!!!   
Title: Re: Refused TRT via NHS Self Medication Help Please
Post by: Mr.L on February 08, 2018, 11:34:40 pm
So who is treating you (I mean how did you get the testosterone if your doc refused)? You do not necessarily have to donate blood. You should have a doctor to review your labs regularly. 
Title: Re: Refused TRT via NHS Self Medication Help Please
Post by: willowfield29 on February 09, 2018, 12:21:46 am
Nobody as my gp referred me to nhs endocrinologist & my levels are within range according to them! Simply put nhs will not help
Title: Re: Refused TRT via NHS Self Medication Help Please
Post by: Boxcar on February 09, 2018, 03:04:06 am
Sorry you are dealing with all this.  FYI, we are not supposed to talk self-help on here, just provide general info and share experiences and opinions...

Test prop is not generally used for TRT because it clears out of the body more quickly.  But there may be one or two guys who have used it, so maybe they can weigh-in.  I have generally heard of it being used in the context of a steroids cycle.  It allows the bodybuilder to keep test levels high at the end of a cycle, by starting prop once the cypionate is stopped and has begun to slowly clear from the body.  And when prop is stopped, it clears out quickly, which allows the body to recover natural production faster, etc.  So that does not help a guy who will be on TRT indefinitely... It just means he will need to inject more frequently.

In terms of labs, getting testosterone, estradiol, SHBG and a complete blood count (including hematocrit) are all pretty standard.  As someone who has recently dealt with elevated hematocrit - I dealt with it very effectively by lowering my testosterone, DHT and estradiol levels (stopped HCG and Andractim, plus added low dose anastrazole).  For something that is potentially dangerous, I think it is much safer to fix the underlying problem, rather than try to control it with blood donations.  I mean, how do you know your hematocrit will stay low until your next blood donation?

Testosterone can also raise blood pressure and cholesterol, so those are also things to keep an eye on.

Again, really sorry you are struggling to get care.  Any guy with sub-300 testosterone and symptoms should be taken really seriously.  I don't know if it makes a difference in your case, but some doctors consider Clomid to be a more conservative treatment (cheap and easy pill that raises your natural testosterone level).  Clomid can cause side effects, but taking a really low dose seems to avoid this for some men.
Title: Re: Refused TRT via NHS Self Medication Help Please
Post by: speedy on February 09, 2018, 06:51:37 pm
Hi mate, I'm in the UK and went to a couple of docs and Endos all to no avail. I went private in the end. You can use Medichecks for bloodtests to keep an eye on yourself but I think you would do better if you can afford to go private
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