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Title: How to get the medical establishment on your side?
Post by: sea on July 29, 2012, 07:13:47 pm
From my limited experience & observations it would appear that the effects of low testosterone in males ranks pretty far down in terms of importance to all but a few enlightened doctors. For example my testosterone levels are low but within "the normal range" whilst my prolactin levels are high but, you guessed it "within the normal range"; here's the rub (& call me a cynic perhaps) "the normal range" is the ticket to limited medical help, never mind the poor quality of life that comes with low testosterone; you're not dying: next patient please.

I'm in the UK, perhaps other nations have more progressive views on the condition (I'm almost sure the Scandinavian countries do).

If you have had success in getting the right help against the odds from disinterested medics  please share your tips.

P.S. am I going too far to suggest this is a silent epidemic?
Title: Re: How to get the medical establishment on your side?
Post by: PeakT on July 30, 2012, 03:19:18 am
Yes, I completely agree with you.  First of all, things are changing pretty rapidly in the U.S. from what I've seen.  What really changed things in the U.S. are all the pharmaceutical solutions, i.e. Androgel, Axiron, Foresta, Testim, Testopel, etc.  Each of these companies did studies and I'm sure have sent out their reps and that's the way things work over here:  docs usually don't have time to read the journals but do have time to listen to the pharma reps.  The pharma reps, fortunately imo, had some pretty good info and so now many docs are starting to prescribe for men in the 300's with symptoms.

Now there have been probably a dozen guys from the U.K. in the last six months on this board who are saying the same thing as you.  Based on what I'm hearing, it's much more "old school" and rigid in the U.K. unless you can afford the private insurance.

Any guys in the U.K. have any advice for Wolfman?